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Witness the Future of Food Safety at IPPE 2019 in Atlanta

Atlanta may have hosted the Super Bowl this year, but the big event for meat and poultry processors around the world takes place in the city a little later this month.

The International Production and Processing Expo, better known as IPPE, is once again held at the Georgia World Congress Center, February 12 – 14. More than 30,000 people attend this show, and Birko is excited to be an active participant in 2019. That includes our sponsorship of the annual Food Safety Council Meeting, during which Birko has the privilege of delivering opening remarks.

IPPE focuses on innovations in the protein processing industry. It’s a place to discover developments in the protein and industry and see the future of food safety emerge. Here’s a look at some of what you can expect to experience at this year’s expo.

Networking and Learning Opportunities at IPPE

Opportunities to network with peers and make new connections abound at IPPE events. Arrive a bit early to attend the Meat Hall of Fame induction ceremony and dinner on February 11. Attend the Welcome Reception at the Georgia Aquarium, and check out entertaining demos on the show floor, including a competition between Atlanta’s top chefs.

While you’ll certainly find time to enjoy yourself, attendees will get the most value from educational events scheduled during the show.

Many of the food processing companies Birko serves are family-owned businesses. As a third-generation owner, Birko President Kelly Green knows quite a lot about keeping an organization in the family. She’ll be part of an expert panel covering “Succession Planning in Family Business.” Look for it on Tuesday, February 12, at 8:30 AM in hall B404.

Other educational events include the IPPE TECHTalks, which are short presentations from exhibitors, covering relevant topics in meat and poultry processing. For example, on Tuesday, February 12 at 1 PM, food safety veteran Dr. Keith Belk of Colorado State University (CSU), will present some revealing findings from a survey on antimicrobial resistance in U.S. ground beef.

Learn about electrostatic application technology and the Elite 360® at IPPE 2019

Birko CEO Mark Swanson will also deliver an eye-opening presentation at noon on Thursday. He’ll be explaining the groundbreaking impact that electrostatic intervention technology brings to your food safety efforts. Birko is proud to be a pioneer of this impressive innovation.

Food safety equipment using electrostatics improves the precision of antimicrobial application while boosting efficiency by simultaneously reducing the amount of water and chemicals used in the process. Swanson will tell you what we’ve discovered following years of research and testing.

Don’t miss “A Food Safety Revolution: Electrostatic Intervention Technology” in Hall A246 at 12:00 PM, February 14. In addition to the presentation, we are officially unveiling exclusive Precision Application Technology™ at IPPE with the launch of Birko’s Elite 360®.

Exploring IPPE’s Expanded Show Floor

IPPE is bigger than ever this year, expanding the tradeshow floor to make room for more than 1,200 exhibitors. There’s a lot to see, but you’ll want to make a point to meet with the team from Birko as you walk the convention hall.

Visit Booth B7207 to see how Precision Application Technology™ and the Elite 360® work with your own eyes in a video presentation. Find out why this promising development represents the next generation of high-tech food safety solutions. Birko’s food science experts partnered with NAMI, the agricultural sciences program at CSU and leading protein processors to uncover the true potential of electrostatics for intervention applications.

Birko President Kelly Green says Elite 360® will “change the way we all think about food safety.” In a recent Q&A with Meatingplace, Agri Beef’s Brad McDowell called it a major development.

“It has enormous positive environmental impact and enormous potential cost impact. It’s the first new and exciting thing in food safety intervention that’s occurred over the last 15 years, and it’s being co-developed through a consortium of other packers, Birko Corp, and Colorado State University.”

Stop by Birko’s booth to get your questions answered and see how this innovative approach to food safety improves plant efficiencies, helps manage resources and ultimately protects public health as well as your organization’s reputation.

Precision Application Technology™ and the Elite 360® are immediately available in the red meat market with plans to release it for poultry and produce processors in the second half of 2019.

2019: A Year of Food Safety Innovation

IPPE 2019 booth with birko

IPPE is just the beginning of a year full of food safety breakthroughs from Birko. We plan to unveil even more innovations as the year progresses. So, you’ll want to keep in touch and stay connected.

In the meantime, make plans to touch base with Birko at IPPE and find out more about what’s ahead. You can also get more of the story behind Elite 360® in a blog post from Birko CEO Mark Swanson. Plus, read what CSU’s Dr. Keith Belk has to say about the technology in a Meatingplace article in which he describes the “cool science” of developing and testing electrostatics for food safety.

If you have food safety or sanitation needs that can’t wait for IPPE, contact us today and find out how Birko can become a trusted partner.

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Bob OrgrenBob Ogren, Vice President, Birko Equipment, can be reached at [email protected] or (913) 764-0321.