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How DryFormance™ Lubrication System Eliminates Water, Lowers Operating Costs, and Improves Performance

Effective, high-speed conveying between filling and packaging machines is essential to run an efficient packaging line. Traditionally, beverage manufacturers have used wet lubrication systems to control product traffic and manage friction between containers and the conveyor belt. Unfortunately, using water-based lubrication solutions on a high-volume canning line may be more trouble than it’s worth. Wet lubrication methods are not only water intensive, but pose a heightened risk of bacterial growth, damaged containers, and worker injury.

Furthermore, in a wet-lube system, concentrations and accurate application points are difficult to control, leading to inefficient processes and excessive lubrication. Underlubricating your line can result in excessive friction and unnecessary wear and tear—reducing the life of a conveyor.

While conveyor lubrication is necessary to reduce the coefficient friction between the belt and containers, thanks to Diversey’s continual innovation, there are alternative options from wet lubrication. Diversey’s DryFormance™ technology, a dry lubrication system, provides numerous benefits—which is why many operators choose to implement it on their canning lines and PET lines.

Reduce Water Consumption While Improving Performance, Health, and Safety

When using a water-soluble lubricant, a high-speed line will typically use up to 2.5 million liters of water per year. In contrast, dry lubrication systems like Diversey’s DryFormance™ eliminate 100% of water usage on the conveyor system up to the point of transition to the seamer and packers.

While reducing water and energy consumption with a dry-lube system is already advantageous to an operator’s bottom line, concerns about handling and reprocessing wastewater can also be abandoned. Due to the oil-based formulation and precise application of a dry lubricant on a conveyor, even if trace amounts enter wastewater during line cleaning there is no risk of contamination to the Waste Water Treatment System.

Sticky or slippery environments from legacy lubrication systems also make it difficult to manage product traffic. With wet lubes, under-lubrication is common and often results in containers tipping over and becoming damaged. If the containers on your line are made of glass, the chances of worker injury from downed containers increase. Similarly, this wet environment increases the risk of bacterial growth and possible employee injuries.

It’s important for manufacturers to reduce potential slip, trip, and fall events by making safety a priority. Aiming to reduce excessively wet conditions can help avoid safety hazards, as well as unsanitary conditions and production downtime. With dry-lube technology, you get more control over the lubricity and friction through precise application, helping you stabilize the production line, reduce scale buildup, eliminate the need for drip pans, and create a safer, cleaner work environment.

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Unique Features of DryFormance™

While reduced water consumption contributes significantly to the financial and sustainability advantages of a dry-lube system, there are additional benefits that are unique to Diversey’s DryFormance™ technology.

Formulated specifically for use with food and beverage packaging lines, the DryFormance™ lubricant is NSF-H1 approved, PET-approved, plant-based, and does not impact taste. Additionally, the lubricant is beer-foam stable, so brewers are not concerned if the lubricant comes into any accidental contact with the product’s components during the manufacturing process.

What’s more is that Diversey’s DryFormance™ lubricant, when used in conjunction with its unique application method, requires little product to yield exceptional results. When a lubricant is applied properly—meaning neither too little nor too much is used—operators can extend the life of their conveyor belt and the wear strips underneath. The DryFormance™ application method ensures precise utilization of lubricant in exactly the right spots, reducing friction and load on the conveyor system. The lubricant itself also contains anti-wear additives, further improving the life of an operator’s assets with an additional layer of protection.

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Install the DryFormance™ System

Switching from a conventional lubrication system to a dry one can be completed over a few days during a scheduled shutdown. However, it requires skillful control and maintenance to ensure optimal operating efficiency.

Diversey collaborates with your engineers and operators from design through post-commissioning. Upon startup, our team is on-site to train your employees on the new system, ensure regular operations, and assist in any necessary fine-tuning. After installation and transition to regular operations, a continued partnership with Diversey ensures everything is operating adequately. Should anything change to affect consistent performance of your system, a DryFormance™ representative is there to provide insight and support to improve your operational efficiency.

When DryFormance™ is installed on existing lines, the savings come from an overall reduction in operating and maintenance costs. But being proactive can help you save even more—when DryFormance™ is installed during the installation of a new line, processors could save upwards of 60% to 70% of the system’s total installation cost.

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Conserve Resources, Enhance Performance

Water conservation KPIs are becoming more prominent in the food and beverage industry as retailers and consumers demand manufacturers to adopt more eco-conscious initiatives. Operating with Diversey’s DryFormance™ radically changes the bottling and canning process by eliminating water consumption without sacrificing functionality. The water-free conveyor lubrication technology can also deliver immediate improvements for line performance, including lowered operating costs, improved work safety and hygiene, extended equipment life, reduced downtime, higher efficiencies, and more.

Now available to processors throughout North America, the DryFormance™ system’s revolutionary approach to dry lubrication is the optimal solution to achieve your performance and sustainability goals.

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