Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available below. You can also find them on the Products page within each industry section of our website.

In case of an emergency, call CHEMTREC at (800) 424-9300, followed by your Birko technical sales representative.

All Birko Products & SDSs By Channel

All Birko Products & SDSs in Alphabetical Order

10-Chlor English | Spanish
10-Quat English
4-D Denaturant English
Ac Tec 100 English
Acid Brite #1 English
Acid Brite #2 English | Spanish
Acid Kleen English
Acto 140 English
Ala Quat English
Algae Guard English | Spanish
Alpet 70/30 Cleaner English
Alpet D2 English
Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer English
Alpet Q E2 Sanitizing Foam Soap English
Aluminate English
ANLC-I English
Bact-O-Stat English
BBC English
Beefxide English
Bi Tec 1000 English
Bi Tec 55H English
Bi Tec 77H English
Bi Tec 77H/Bleach English
Bi Tec 99AC English
Bi-Clor-Rite English
Big Red English
Bi-Quat English
Birko Antifoam 10 English
Birko Antifoam 100 English
Birko Antifoam 30 English
Birko Bleach English
Birko D-Foam English
Birko Sour English
Birko Surf English
Birko White English
Birko White Oil English
Birkoil English
BirkoSide 15 English
BirkoSide 22 English
Birkoside MP-2 English
Birkoside MP-3 English
Birk-Ox English | Spanish
Branding Ink, Purple English
Bril-AD English
Brillo English
Bru-R-Ez English
Brute PlusEnglish
Brute-4S English | Spanish
Brute-LT English | Spanish
Can/Mex Red Marking Ink English
Canadian Blue marking Ink English
Canadian Purple marking Ink English
Castor Lube C English
Cell-R-Mastr English
Challenge English
Chameleon English
Cherry AF English
Chicxide English
Chikleen English
Cir Scald English
Cir Tec 991 English
Cir Tec CLQR English
Cir Tec SP English
Cir-Q-Late English
CL-33 English
Clean Front Iodine Blocks English
Clean Front Iodine Drain Rings English
Degrezer English | Spanish
Denaturant Black English
Denaturant G English
De-Scent English
Diactolate English
Dioxy-Chlor English
Displace English
Double X Lon English
Dyno-Mite English
Entry-Foam English
E-Z Lube English
F.D. & C. Blue English
F.D. & C. Red English
Fashun English
Foam Chlor 535 English | Spanish
Fomacid English |Spanish
FOM-BLOC English
Freestyle Calcium Hypochlorite 65% English
Freeze Kleen English
Fre-Flo-RTU English
GC-161 English
Genzolate English
Genzolate 3 English
Git-Sol English
Gre-Zof English
Grez-Out English
Hand E San English | Spanish
Hang Time English
Hard Scald Liquid English
Hi Cap 333 English
Hi Cap 771 English
Hydrochloric Acid 15% English
Hydrochloric Acid 25% English
Hydrogen Peroxide 12.5% English
Hydrolube English
Indicator Alcohol English
KAT-VOS English
Kik Acid English
Lactic Acid English
Lambxide English
Liquid Smokehouse Cleaner English
Liquik 10 English
Liquik 100 English
Liquik 2 Nu Blu English
Liquik 20 English | Spanish
Liquik 250 English
Liquik 2CS English
Liquik 3 English
Liquik 30 English
Liquik 4 English
Liquik 5 English
Liquik 50 English
Liquik 77H English
Liquik Bleach English
Liquik CC English
Liquik Char English
Liquik CK English
Liquik DF English
Liquik Diactolate English
Liquik Su Tec English
Liquilon English
Little Red English
Lon Chlor English
Mare English
Marking Ink, Blue English
Marking Ink, Brown English
Marking Ink, Green English
Marking Ink, Purple English
Marking Ink, Purple QD English
Marking Ink, Red English
Marking Ink, Red QD English
Meta Tec 2C English
Meta Tec 2C Liquid English
Metalist English
Miri Cal English
Monlaun #2 English
Monlaun #3 English
NaOH, 0.25 N English
Neutra Foam English | Spanish
Neutra Foam C English | Spanish
Neutra Sol English | Spanish
Nitro-CIP English
No-Pelo English
Nu Scald English
Nu Scald II English
Patco 376 English
Phosphoric Acid 75% English
Phosphoric Acid 75% FG English
Pine AF English
Porkxide English
Potassium Lactate SDA 56/4 English
Pow Quat English | Spanish
Pow-R-Scrub English
Pronto English
Propylene Glycol F.G. English
Prozap® Beef & Dairy RTU English
Prozap® Aqueous Fly Spray English
Pur-Ox English
Purple Stamping Ink English
Quadra-Quat English | Spanish
Red Acid Brite English
Rend-R-Aid English
Resolve English
Rustbuster English
Rustec English
S. P. D. E. 33 English
Sana Tec Powder English
Sani-Clean English
Sant-Acid English
Sewer Cleaner English
Shine A Line English
Slip-Pin English
Sodium Bicarbonate English
Sodium Citrate English
Sodium Lactate 60% English
Sodium Lactate SDA 56/4 English
Sterilex Ultra Powder English
Su Tec FG English
Sulfuric Acid English
Super Alkali English
Surf-X English | Spanish
Synchlorozene English
Terra Grip English
Tigre English
Top White English
Toro English
Tripe Wash 2P English
Tripe Wash 3A English
Tripe Wash C English
Tripe Wash S English
Trolleze English
Turkleen English
Ultra Disinfectant Cleaner Solution 1 & 2 English
Ultra Niter English | Spanish
Ultra Niter Red English
Ultra-Quat English | Spanish
Vanilla AF English
Veggiexide English
Viking English
Wax-OFT English
WAY-VOS English | Spanish
Xlerator English
XLNT-4U2 Powder English
X-Puma English
Zylon English

BOSS – Blend Onsite Products
BOSS Acid Foam English
BOSS Alkaline Foam English
BOSS Alkaline Foaming Degrezer English
BOSS Alkaline NF English
BOSS Caustic Chlor CIP NF English
BOSS Caustic CIP NF English
BOSS Caustic Foam English
BOSS Chlor Foam English
BOSS GPC English