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As a leader in food safety, Birko is at the forefront of industry research and trends. Fighting resident foodborne pathogens, developing plant sanitation solutions, sanitary design of custom equipment, and precision chemical blending. In this space, our experts share their insights on these and other timely topics.

Why Birko Brewery Customers Win Medals

The World Beer Cup (WBC) is one of the most prestigious blind beer tasting competitions in the world. It occurs every other year during the Brewer’s Association (BA) Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) and BrewExpo America. Unlike the Great American Beer Festival annual competition, where only American-made beers are allowed to compete, the WBC competition is open to breweries across the world. At last week’s World Beer Cup, 8,234 beers entered (801 from outside the US) from 2,515 participating breweries from 33 countries. 295 judges (72% of them from outside the US) judged beers in 101 categories. An award given at… Read More

What Industry Veterans Should Know About FSMA

I’ve worked in the USDA- and FDA-regulated further processing industries for a number of years and recently completed the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food Blended Course to help me understand the regulation and the nomenclature used in FSMA – and to meet the requirements of a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual. While the FSMA final role was published back on 2015 and most plants have already fallen under the FSMA final rule, smaller plants, and those subject to other parts (i.e. produce safety) may just now be working through the complexities as well as some of the provisions. Under FSMA… Read More

Questions and Answers About Brewery CIP Chemicals

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Don’t climb in the kettle to remove soil after a CIP – boost your caustic or alkaline cleaner with hydrogen peroxide instead! By using caustic and hydrogen peroxide in the same solution, you can simply rinse soil away instead of accepting protein building-up in the brewhouse as ‘just the way it is.’ In this webinar I gave for the Colorado Brewers Guild, you can learn more about how to improve your brewhouse cleaning using caustic and hydrogen peroxide. Click here to watch the webinar Keep reading below for some of the questions I received from brewers like yourselves about this… Read More

Sanitary Design 101 | 10 Principles Produce Processors Should Know in the Age of FSMA

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As compliance dates roll out, and enforcement of regulations in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) begin, it’s becoming increasingly important for produce processors to not only make sure they are following current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), but that they have upgraded their procedures to be compliant with the new standards. When an FDA inspector shows up at your facility, what will he or she find? Effective sanitary design can help produce processors create an environment that mitigates food safety risks, helping you protect your brand’s reputation and avoid the costly impact of a failed inspection,  a recall or worse… Read More

Getting the Best Results from an Acid CIP Cleaner

Birko offers two similar sounding non-foaming acid CIP products for the brewery: Acid Brite #2 (phosphoric/nitric acid blend) and Ultra Niter (nitric/phosphoric acid blend). Here are three questions I often receive about these two products: What is the difference between Acid Brite #2 and Ultra Niter? Which one should I use? Do I need to use both or can I use just one? What is the difference between Acid Brite #2 and Ultra Niter? Acid Brite #2 is a phosphoric/nitric acid blend, which means it contains more phosphoric acid than nitric acid.  This type of acid has been widely used… Read More