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As a leader in food safety, Birko is at the forefront of industry research and trends. Fighting resident foodborne pathogens, developing plant sanitation solutions, sanitary design of custom equipment, and precision chemical blending. In this space, our experts share their insights on these and other timely topics.

The one thing most companies overlook when it comes to food safety

SSOPs. GMP. FSMA. Quality Control. Employee Training. Proper PPE. These are table stakes when it comes to food safety. However, there is one topic often overlooked that can significantly impact food safety: Construction. Construction is a fact of life for food processing facilities. No matter the scope of the project, extra precautions are needed to minimize the food safety risks. Especially if production is continuing during construction. Have you thought about how you’ll prevent any cross-contamination? What should you do to avoid compromising processing areas? Are there special steps you should take to clean & sanitize the construction site once… Read More

Frequently-Asked Questions About BBC

Since we launched our new powdered brewery cleaner, BBC, on Aug. 1, I’ve received some phone calls and emails asking about its usage. The single biggest question I’ve been asked is, “How is BBC different than Bru-R-Ez or Cell-R-Mastr?” My short answer is this: BBC has 10 times more alkalinity than Bru-R-Ez or Cell-R-Mastr at 1% w/w. In a nutshell, BBC (at 1% as supplied) is pH 12 compared to pH 11 for the other two in our line. This makes BBC closer in pH to traditional caustic cleaning but without the hazards of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. BBC… Read More

New Intervention Technology Met With Excitement at NAMI Conference

This year’s NAMI Pathogen Control and Regulatory Compliance in Beef Processing Conference was an exciting one for Birko. Not only were we able to visit with customers and learn more about how we can better serve them, but we received very positive response to our technology currently in R&D, Elite 360. Dr. Bob Delmore of Colorado State University gave a first look at research showing the Elite 360’s effectiveness at applying antimicrobial interventions. Elite 360 is a pass-through trim decontamination system that uses electrostatic technology and a patented containment chamber. Several attendees came up to us immediately following the presentation,… Read More

How to Remove Beerstone

beer ● stone (bir/stōn): the scale that forms in aging tanks, serving tanks and kegs. Known as calcium oxalate. Incredibly difficult to remove, especially after the buildup becomes visible to the naked eye. Beerstone leaves an unsanitary surface that can harbor microorganisms. It causes “off flavors.” It shortens a beer’s shelf life. It can ruin an entire batch of beer. In short, if left unchecked, beerstone can have devastating consequences for a brewery. Traditionally, caustic products have been the standard for removing soil in the brewery. But, using caustic is not the best choice to remove beerstone. (Read this article to… Read More

How to Take a Proactive Approach to Bioterrorism

Editor’s note: Miles Murphy, Birko’s technical sales representative for the Pacific Northwest, is working towards a degree in food safety regulation where he’s studying the latest updates on food safety legislation and best food handling practices. He’ll share his learnings and insights on larger food safety trends, gained from his research and discussions with food production companies. Yesterday, President Trump signed into law H.R. 1283 which is known as the “Securing our Agriculture and Food Act.” This bill will work as an amendment to the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and will require an allocation of $500,000 a year according to… Read More