Birko’s Chicxide® Effective Against Salmonella as Part of HACCP Plan

January 23, 2012, Phillip Snellen, Vice President, Sales
Phillip Snellen Vice President, Sales

A new study by the USDA is crediting HACCP programs with reducing cases of Salmonella infection originating from chicken (See We recommend that antimicrobial interventions be included as part of a HACCP plan for poultry processors.

Birko’s Chicxide®, an innovative lactic acid- and citric acid-based antimicrobial intervention, is approved by the USDA for use on whole carcasses pre-chill. In a production environment, treatment with Chicxide® reduced the incidence of carcasses testing positive for Salmonella from 92% before treatment to 4% after treatment.

Independent testing conducted by Texas Tech University in 2009 verified the efficacy of Chicxide® applied as either a spray or dip intervention for Salmonella. Spray application resulted in a 1.3-log reduction, while immersion yielded a 2.3-log reduction. The study also concluded that when applied at a level of 2.5% or less, Chicxide® did not produce any quality defects in broiler carcasses.

Chicxide® can provide an effective antimicrobial hurdle at multiple process points. Suggested applications include a spray or dip applications on poultry carcasses after the picking machines and immediately before the spray chiller. Chicxide® is included in FSIS Directive 7120.1, specifically questions 9 and 10, issued April 5, 2011.

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