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Optimize Membrane Cleaning with Diversey’s Divos Product Portfolio

Membrane filtration is an essential step in dairy processing—helping to produce the highest quality product while protecting the processing equipment. The objective of membrane filtration is to separate various substances within the product like fat, casein, milk protein, whey protein, lactose, calcium phosphate, and more. Because filtration is fundamental for basic hygiene and the production of functional food technology applications—like whey-based proteins and products—proper cleaning is required to maintain the quality and efficiency of membranes for food and beverage processing. Fortunately, Diversey developed and is now upgrading the Divos product portfolio to help optimize dairy processors’ cleaning regimens.

Challenges Associated with Membrane Cleaning

Due to their porous surface and delicacy, there are unique challenges associated with membrane cleaning. As a result of its structure and use, many semipermeable membranes are prone to clogging, stress cracking, and altered permeability—all of which negatively affect a processor’s throughput. If a membrane becomes fouled, it can dramatically reduce its filtration efficiency, reduce the overall production output, and even result in an increased risk of bacterial contamination, as well as increased strain on membranes as they fill with contaminants. Nonoptimal processes and chemicals in the cleaning protocol can also result in irreversible damage. Limited by its intolerance of harsh chemistries and high temperatures, membrane cleaning and sanitation is a complex practice that often requires significant amounts of time, water, chemical, and energy use.

To protect product quality and maintain the useful life of filtration membranes, processors should closely analyze their current cleaning products and procedures. There are a variety of factors to consider if processors want to negate unnecessary complications when designing a cleaning program, such as the membrane’s material type, pH and temperature tolerances, compatibility with cleaning and disinfecting agents, water quality, and more.

To help address the varying limitations of different membrane types and optimize a processor’s production efficiency, Diversey is upgrading its well-known Divos portfolio intended for membrane hygiene. Designed to significantly reduce cleaning time, water, energy, and chemical use, Diversey’s Divos product portfolio enables food and beverage processors to achieve high-quality cleaning through tailored cleaning solutions.

Diversey’s Accelerated Cleaning Protocol for Dairy Processing Membranes

Diversey’s Accelerated Cleaning Process (ACP) provides a unique chemical solution for membranes used in the cold production of skimmed milk, acid whey, and sweet whey. Standard cleaning methods for these applications traditionally include a pre-rinse followed by an acid, enzyme, and alkaline step, plus additional rinses after each stage. This process can consume up to 60 minutes in rinsing time alone, plus it results in significant water and energy consumption.

To shorten this process and optimize production capacity, Diversey’s ACP combines an acid or alkaline—depending on each processor’s needs—within the pre-clean, followed by a combined enzyme and inventive step that accelerates protein removal. This combination of chemistries helps to successfully remove proteins and calcium phosphate in one go, allowing processors to achieve up to 45% in time savings and reduce the amount of water and chemicals used by nearly 50%. As a result of the reduced chemical exposure, Diversey’s ACP also helps to promote a longer lifespan for each filtration membrane—further optimizing a dairy processor’s capacity and output.

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Diversey’s Divos Next Generation

To cater to other types of filtrations, Diversey has developed a portfolio of cleaning products that revolutionize membrane cleaning in the same way ACP does. The Divos Next Generation product line delivers increased performance and processing efficiency for all types of membrane applications in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries respectively.

Whether a production process requires tubular flow, ceramic plate and frame, spiral wound, hollow fiber, or any other type of membrane installation, Diversey designs cleaning methods that fit each processor’s specific requirements and ensures the highest standards of hygiene are met. The Diversey team understands how impurities can impact a membrane’s efficiency, that is why each customized cleaning program is tested and monitored—to further safeguard each processor’s specific membrane type. Furthermore, the surfactants within the Divos product portfolio are developed from renewable sources, rather than petroleum, making the products more sustainable than traditional membrane cleaning chemistries.

When used with the proper maintenance regimen and processing procedure, the Divos range of products and services seek to protect the integrity of each membrane, ensuring superior product quality. Diversey’s Divos product portfolio range has all the benefits of ACP but is available for all applications and requirements. Whether you’re processing milk, whey, cheese, ice cream, beer, wine, fruit juices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or wastewater—any filtration application can benefit from sustainable formulations and a reduction in the total cost of operations.

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Get Ongoing Support with Divos Membrane Cleaning Solutions

Processors that partner with Diversey to implement and maintain a membrane cleaning program will receive expert assistance and continued support from our vast network of application specialists. Our Diversey representatives will collaborate with your managers and operators to develop personalized plans and protocols for your exact needs. Through each customized program, Diversey’s cleaning and disinfecting agents, application expertise, automatic dosing, and monitoring systems ensure the highest standards of hygiene are continually met.

During implementation, comprehensive on-site support is provided to adequately train your staff and troubleshoot any initial complications. Following successful implementation, a continued partnership with our global network of experts ensures effective optimization is maintained.

In addition to the superior application and support, the Diversey Divos product portfolio offers unrivaled benefits, including maximized productivity, extended membrane life, and product quality assurance.

If you’d like to learn more about this innovative approach, request a call from our specialists and discover how the Divos program can be tailored to your individual needs.