The One Thing Most Companies Overlook When it Comes to Food Safety

SSOPs. GMP. FSMA. Quality Control. Employee Training. Proper PPE. These are table stakes when it comes to food safety.

However, there is one topic often overlooked that can significantly impact food safety: Construction.

Construction is a fact of life for food processing facilities. No matter the scope of the project, extra precautions are needed to minimize the food safety risks. Especially if production is continuing during construction.

Have you thought about how you’ll prevent any cross-contamination? What should you do to avoid compromising processing areas? Are there special steps you should take to clean & sanitize the construction site once the project is done?

Because we are in food plants day in and day out, we’ve seen it all. Contact us today to learn more about the specific steps you should take to ensure food safety before, during and after all construction projects. The safety of your products – and your brand – depends on it.


Elis Owens, Ph.D., Director, Technical Services, Birko, can be reached at [email protected] or (303) 289-1090.