Meat & Protein Harvest

Made in the USA – the Chad Boot Scrubber

Every meat processing plant requires clean boots/footwear. Dirty boots spread contamination around the plant, are a safety hazard and reduce the life of the boots. This is especially true for very dirty operations, such as harvest floors, and very clean operations, such as ready-to-eat areas.

Chad Equipment offers a full line of solutions to help keep boots clean.

  1. Four standard models of boot scrubber/washes to scrub and wash soles only or complete boots. Of course, we can customize this equipment to meet specific plant needs.
  2. Doorway foamers to provide a consistent coating of antimicrobial foam for all doorways. Of course, Birko will supply the antimicrobial solutions for both of these processes. It is very effective to use doorway foamers immediately after the boot scrubber/washes for residual antimicrobial on the boots.

Chad has offered boot scrubber/washes for over 10 years and today has over 100 hundred units operating successfully. These units all have long-lasting polyester brushes, a photo eye for timed operation of the equipment, rugged wash down rated motors and optional hand sanitizing. In addition, they’re factory preassembled and pretested for ease of installation.

Many customers do not realize that Chad Boot Scrubber/Washes are the only systems that are completely designed, fabricated and assembled in the United States. Most of the competitive products are made in Europe. Being made in the U.S. offers several major advantages – the boot scrubber/washes meet all FSIS food safety design criteria and adhere to all U.S. electrical design criteria. Moreover, there’s a ready supply of factory designed and fabricated replacement parts and a quick response for any required service. Perhaps most importantly, being made in the U.S. helps the U.S. economy.