Laundry – Penny Wise but Pound Foolish

Q. Do I get more for my money buying a powdered product? I don’t want to pay for water.

A. Most laundry powders contain diluents. Birko has state-of-the art liquid systems, with formulated products in excess of 45% actives, as good as most powders. With modern equipment and the ablity to dispense multiple liquid products, you have more chemical cost control and versatility than any two-product or three-product powder systems.

Q. Isn’t it cheaper just to bleach my laundry white?

A. No, not usually. The issue of chemical cost must be balanced against the replacement of the fabric articles. It is true that the bleach is typically one of the least expensive elements of laundry chemical costs, but overuse results in accelerated fabric destruction. A high degree of lint in the dryers is a (dangerous) clue to an overbleach condition.

Q. Can I save money with the new magnetic water softeners? I was told that they don’t need to be regenerated.

A. No, because they don’t work, in the first place. If they did, every laundry machine would have one built in.
However, the more traditional softeners are usually an excellent investment if your local water hardness routinely exceeds 23 grains (400 ppm).

The Birko team has a long tradition of running successful laundry installations, in some of the most aggressive water environments in the United States. Whether private or commercial, we can help you establish a cost effective, no-nonsense laundry for nearly any kind of water, soil, fabric, or machine. No black magic, just good chemistry.