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Controlling E. coli – A Multiple-Hurdle Approach

E. coli outbreaks continue to hurt the food processing industry in unexpected ways, as seen in the early summer 2011 contamination in Europe. The USDA FSIS issued 2009 guidelines for its control but as the current problem shows, new strains of E. coli make it imperative to be vigilant in attacking this enemy.

The reality is that no single intervention can completely eliminate E. coli and other pathogenic bacteria from a meat processing facility. To ensure your product is well protected, we recommend a robust multiple-hurdle approach. Each step in the dressing and processing of beef provides an opportunity to control bacteria, prevent cross-contamination and prevent the spread of bacterial contamination to downstream processes. We supply proven chemicals and equipment that can be used as interventions at critical points throughout your operation. We also provide the necessary expertise to implement these measures successfully.

View a complete list of products and equipment designed to fight E. coli and other pathogens while meeting HACCP requirements.

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Elis Owens, Ph.D., Director, Technical Services, Birko, can be reached at [email protected], 303-289-1090.