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How to Conserve Resources in Beef Processing with New Innovations in Automated Sanitation Technology

Food processing plants can use up to hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per day, but are they using more than they need to? Not only is water and chemical waste bad for the environment, it’s also bad for the bottom line. Additionally, a nationwide labor shortage has food processors looking for ways to accomplish the work they need done with limited resources. Fortunately, the solution for both scenarios can be found in emerging automated technology, which allows processors to do more with less.

A Solution for Efficiency and Sanitation

Beef processors need to pipe in large amounts of water, heat it and treat the outgoing water, which is a substantial expense. Because of low transfer efficiency, many sanitation processes create waste, which makes that expense even tougher to swallow. Plus, in areas of the country where drought-like conditions exist, there are stricter standards on water usage, creating a challenge for processors to use the amount of water needed in order to properly sanitize while also complying with local standards.

The solution to all of these challenges is the Head and Tongue Wash. Backed by a U.S. patent that covers its design, process and manufacturing, this system’s precision application technology uses oscillating arbors to capture, contour and follow each head and tongue, resulting in almost 100% of the solution hitting the target with almost zero waste. This accuracy also reduces the wash time per head by up to 50%. And, because it shuts water off between washes, the system can reduce beef processors’ water usage by up to 60%.

Using less water also means less energy is used to heat the water. And, because wastewater needs to be treated with chemicals before disposing, using less water also means using less chemicals. Conserving these resources has a direct impact on a food processor’s bottom line and the planet.

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Increasing Workforce Efficiency in Food Processing

Due to a nationwide labor shortage, processors need to be resourceful, and automation is an ideal solution. One large beef processor ran a 90-day test with the Head and Tongue Wash system to see the effect it would have on their process. Because of the precision technology of the system, it reduced their labor costs by up to $100,000 annually by removing the need for washing the parts manually.

The automation of the Head and Tongue Wash allows a limited staff to focus on other, more meaningful, tasks, which can help processing plants run more efficiently. Plus, by operating with the same quality standards every time it’s used, the Head and Tongue Wash system provides processors reliable consistency in sanitation and resource reduction.

Conserving Resources Made Easy

Processing plants looking to conserve resources and maximize workforce efficiencies don’t have to worry about the cost of additional equipment creating an additional burden. Because of the accuracy and efficiency of the Head and Tongue Wash, processors may achieve a return on their investment in as little as one year. From improved processes to cost savings and resource efficiency, this system will revolutionize the way beef processors operate.

Are you looking to reduce costs at your facility while increasing the effectiveness of your sanitation process? Contact Birko today to learn more about transforming your processing plant with the automated technology of the Head and Tongue Wash.