Meat & Protein Harvest

Birko’s New Service and Support Division

What will the new service and support division mean for Birko/Chad customers?

Now that everything is under one roof – chemistry, equipment and service, and technology – customers will have all the resources available for a higher degree of assurance regarding food safety. The acquisition of Espy Technologies gives our customers streamlined access for their Chad and Birko equipment – scheduled servicing, auditing and maintenance verification and documentation.

The new Birko/Chad service division will now provide ongoing servicing and upkeep for Chad washing and pasteurizing cabinets, in addition to Cary carcass wash and Cary head wash cabinets. The basic service offering includes two scheduled plant visits annually as well as all standard parts, labor and travel to Chad customers. Of course, we can tailor a service agreement to meet a plant’s specific needs.

Birko/Chad customers will further benefit from The Birko Advantage, a total integrated food safety solution of Birko’s sanitation and processing chemistry, Chad’s carcass washing and pasteurizing equipment, and technology including the Birko BOSS™ Blend-On-Site System and BirkoStats™, Birko’s online chemical tracking system.

We service this equipment:

  • Chad Final Carcass Wash
  • Chad Head Wash
  • Chad Hot Water Pasteurization
  • Chad Pre-Evisceration/Final Carcass Antimicrobial Spray
  • Chad Pre-Evisceration Carcass Wash
  • Chad Tripe Wash
  • Chad Viscera Table Wash
  • Chad Hog Carcass Wash
  • Chad Viscera Pan Wash
  • Chad Antimicrobial Conveyor Spray System
  • Chad Antimicrobial Mixing System
  • Chad Boot Wash System
  • Chad Hog Neck Wash
  • Emech valves and related equipment
  • Birko Tripe and Trolley Equipment
  • Birko BLAST System (Bromine Liquid Antimicrobial System Technology)
  • Cary Carcass Wash
  • Cary Head Wash