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Removing Chemical and Hard Water Stains from Exterior Stainless Steel Brewery Equipment

Once brewery cleaning solutions are allowed to dry on exterior brewery equipment, they can be quite difficult to remove. Proprietary non-caustic alkaline cleaners are especially hard to remove because they normally contain metasilicate and phosphate in addition to a lot of carbonate (soda ash).

The latter by itself is typically easily removed with an acid cleaning, but because non-caustic cleaners also contain silicate and phosphate, the stain is much more difficult to remove; that is the bad news.

The good news is that Birko has stainless steel tank cleaning chemicals that make it easy to remove these unsightly deposits and get the exterior equipment looking brand new again! Here is how to do it using Ac Tec 100 followed by Meta Tec 2C Liquid:

  1. Apply undiluted Ac Tec 100 on a damp rag, and lightly scrub (removes white deposit).
  2. Rinse. Allow time to drain.
  3. Apply Meta Tec 2C Liquid painted-on full strength and allow it to remain on the metal for 10-15 minutes, lightly scrub with a warm damp cloth.
  4. Rinse immediately. Leave a shiny, brand-new look to the metal!

What About Rust on Tanks?

For remedial rust on tanks, try Bi Tec 99AC. It’s highly effective!

The above method works great on stainless steel. Do not use on copper, brass, or aluminum, and be sure to wear proper protective equipment (PPE), especially chemical resistant gloves and goggles.

You will be pleasantly surprised how well the equipment looks!

Before Tank Cleaning
After Tank Cleaning