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It’s Not a Silver Bullet to Your Challenges, but It’s close

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The time has come for beef, pork and poultry packers and processors to re-evaluate their historical processing practices.

Producers and processors must adapt their food safety programs to reduce the over-use of chemicals, the over-use of water and address the growing problems of escalating wages and a diminishing workforce.

You certainly have your work cut out for you. But that’s where Birko comes in.

Our precision application technologies – backed by the best team in the industry – is the solution you need.


  • Precision application of interventions through our patented IP can reduce chemical and water use by 30-50%. Applying chemical directly onto the product avoids flooding, submersion or overuse. This gives better coverage of the intervention, uses less water and less chemical, while lowering the costs of plant maintenance and wastewater treatment.
  • Our automated sanitation solutions reduce labor by 20-30%. Manual labor is both an unreliable and diminishing resource. By automating sanitation through the use of Birko by Lagafors® and the BOSS, we can reduce labor, apply precision application of cleaning, and deliver customized chemistries that are adjusted for water quality and in-plant metals. All while cutting down logistics and wastewater treatment costs with better cleaning results.
  • No one else comes close to offering the same level of service as we do. Our technical experts and equipment service team are trusted for a reason. We don’t drop our products off at the door. We offer third-party insight into what’s happening in your plant and we partner with our customers to ensure our products and equipment are doing what they should be – protecting your products and your brands. Hear what some of our customers say about us.

These challenges certainly are not unique to meat and poultry processors. Any plant that produces a food item is faced with rising costs, tight labor and a need for efficient water and chemical use.

I encourage you to view our integrated chemistry and equipment solutions or contact us to find out how we can help you address your challenges head on.



Mark SwansonMark Swanson, CEO, Birko, can be reached at or (303) 289-1090.