Produce & Fresh Cut

Birko’s Antimicrobial Spray System Helps Fresh Cut Producers Meet FSMA Standards

Now that the FDA has been ordered to release and finalize the rules that will ultimately help implement the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act – including updates related to risk-based inspection for produce farms – fresh cut producers need a multi-hurdle approach to food protection.

Antimicrobial Food Protection

Birko, a leading provider of antimicrobial process aids and sanitation chemistry to the produce industry, recommends a powerful combination of chemistry and equipment to fight concerns about cross-contamination and bacteria transfer.

Chad Equipment, LLC, a Birko company, manufactures an Antimicrobial Spray System that automatically mixes and applies antimicrobial solutions to produce. This proven technology reduces and controls microbial contamination in produce processing.

Recommended Antimicrobial Sprays

The automatic mixing system supplies Birkoside MP-2™ or Veggiexide™, powerful antimicrobials for produce, to the Chad Conveyorized Spray System for application at scientifically validated operating parameters including pressure, flow and temperature. Together the automatic mixing system and conveyorized spray system make up the Antimicrobial Spray System.

“Using the Chad Antimicrobial Spray System is a proven way for produce processors to improve product quality and safety,” said Dana Johnson, Birko’s produce specialist.

Birkoside MP-2™ is a fast-acting PAA-based antimicrobial Intervention shown effective against Listeria. Veggiexide™ is a broad-spectrum organic acid-based antimicrobial for direct application to produce during processing.

Protect Your Produce or Fresh Cut Plant with Antimicrobial Chemistry and Equipment

Birko is a leading provider of food safety solutions to the meat, produce and beverage industries. Birko manufactures concentrated chemical formulations used in food plant cleaning and sanitation, as well as antimicrobial interventions used to reduce pathogens from the manufacturing process of food. If you are interested in simplifying your antimicrobial food safety efforts or have additional questions, contact Birko today.