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Anchor Christmas Ale, Old Jubliation

For most of the year, I tend to prefer hoppy pale ales and IPA’s, (India Pale Ale) and to be sure, when the holiday season arrives at the towards the end of the year, one of the first seasonal beers I hunt down is Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale, which is a very nice fresh hop beer. In December, however, I like to take a brief break from really hoppy beers, and I search out dark, malty beers like Anchor’s Christmas Ale, and Avery’s Old Jubilation. Both of these beers are very dark, rather malty, not very hoppy. They fit the season extremely well, and go quite well with holiday foods as well. Anchor has been producing their Christmas Ale every year since 1975, and it changes slightly each year. Avery’s Old Jubilation has been around for a quite a few years now, and I think this year’s vintage is the best one they have ever made to this point. For more information on these two wonderful beers, please visit: