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Reducing Dissolved Oxygen

The New Brewer, July/August 2011
Acid and detergent cleaning of bright tanks

Don’t Lose Your Head! A Look at Using Antifoams in the Brewery

The New Brewer, July/August, 2009
Antifoams may be the answer if you are losing too much of your beer in production.

Wastewater in the Brewery—Are You Sending Money Down the Drain?

The New Brewer, July/August 2008
A look at the chemistry of wastewater in the brewery with suggestions for improvement

Keg Cleaning with Acid and Detergent Only

The New Brewer, July/August, 2008
A cheaper, safer, less expensive way to clean kegs and remove beerstone – by the numbers

Proper Care and Feeding of Materials in the Brewery

How environmental materials found in the brewery are affected 
by cleaning and sanitation chemicals.

Strange Brew…(It Just Might Work For You, Too!)

ZYMURGY, January/February 2002
Nonstandard ingredients for your homebrew

Putting a New Spin on Things (A Look at Spray Balls)

Brewing Techniques, November/December 1998
Spray ball uses for CIP (Clean In Place) cleaning and sanitation

10 Tips for Easier Bottling

ZYMURGY, September/October 2001
Bottling tips for the homebrewer, including how to sanitize

Principles of Cleaning and Sanitizing

ZYMURGY, March/April 2001
Chemical cleaning and sanitation procedures for the brewery

A Look at Biofilms in the Brewery

BREWERS DIGEST, September/October 2000
White paper on biofilm remediation in the brewery

Coming Clean: A New Method of Washing Yeast Using Chlorine Dioxide

The New Brewer, September/October 1998
Removing spoilage bacteria from yeast using ClO2

Removing Beerstone: A Look at Alternative Cleaning Methods

Modern Brewery Age, March 23, 1998
A noncaustic cleaning regime that is highly effective in removing and
resisting beerstone buildup

Noncaustic Cleaning in the Brewery

The New Brewer, March/April 1996
More on Birko’s new cleaning procedure for breweries and ethanol plants

Post-Rinse Sanitizing With Chlorine Dioxide (It’s A Gas!)

ClO2 is highly effective when used as a post-rinse sanitizer

Material Safety Data Sheets—What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

The New Brewer, Online Extras
The MSDS became mandatory in the workplace after the OSH Act of 1970 to promote worker safety