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Birko Launches Egg-Shellent Solution

New cleaner eliminates the need for an anti-foam agent

HENDERSON, Colo. – Birko, a leader in providing integrated sanitation solutions, has launched its new all-in-one washing compound and defoamer, Egg-Shellent, for egg processing facilities. The solution combines surfactants, alkalinity, and dispersion agents to maximize shell-egg cleaning.

“We recently conducted a field test where the Egg-Shellent greatly reduced the amount of foam in a tank while outperforming the competitor’s product 4-fold,” Tony Micle, business development director, poultry, at Birko, said. “We are thrilled to offer egg processors an effective shell-egg cleansing solution that will increase efficiency while decreasing chemical usage.

Egg-Shellent is formulated with substances either considered GRAS or regulated for food associated use. The solution is suitable for use in accordance with the provisions of 9CFR 416.4c and 21CRF 110.35b.

In addition to Egg-Shellent, Birko offers a full line of products for egg-processors including shell-egg sanitizing compounds, as well as cleaning and sanitation products for the entire facility.

To learn more about Egg-Shellent, download the online egg washing case study or contact Tony Micle at [email protected].


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