Meat & Protein Harvest

Meat & Poultry and Protein Harvest Services

In 1953, Birko was founded to address challenges facing the protein and protein harvest industries. For over 60 years we’ve been a preferred partner for beef, poultry and pork processors based on a comprehensive understanding of the needs and challenges facing you.

Whether you are looking to improve your sanitation procedures, address a Listeria outbreak, or install a custom equipment and chemical solution, our team of experienced and highly trained employees are here to help you.

Contact Birko for:

A team of trained, certified experts

Experienced microbiologists, chemists, technical sales representatives, engineers, and quality assurance professionals are available to work directly with you for the custom solution your facility requires. HACCP, SQF, and BRC certified professionals; you name it, we have them on our team.

In-plant consultations

Our team of industry trained professionals conduct the most robust sanitation and process assessment available.

  • Every detail of your cleaning and sanitation process, from SSOPs and interventions to laundry and wastewater, is analyzed.
  • A summary of custom-tailored findings and recommendations is provided to help identify risks, increase cleaning efficacy, and reduce costs.

Employee Training

We not only identify best practices, but we’ll also train your team to implement and maintain documented, repeatable practices that help ensure a safe product.

Custom Equipment

Interested in equipment custom crafted for your facility with sanitary design in mind? Designing and building innovative products for over 40 years, Birko’s equipment experts can help you build or upgrade your facility with efficiency, safety, and sanitary design in mind.

  • Design and build – Work with our engineers to design and build equipment specific for your facility. Our engineers understand sanitary design and can help you upgrade your equipment and facility. Interested in learning more about sanitary design?
  • Installation – All equipment is delivered, installed and calibrated by our trained and experienced installation team. A typical installation takes place on a weekend so your production schedule isn’t interrupted. And, we’re onsite for the start-up to ensure a fully operational line.
  • Service – In-plant maintenance and regular replacement of wearable parts are included in our ongoing commitment to the success of your operation. Schedule routine maintenance at four-month, six-month or other regular intervals, at times that work for your production schedule. A full and detailed trip report is provided after each visit. Click here to learn more about our Chad Equipment Service.
  • Support – Need emergency service, special parts, or recommendations for an equipment/chemical combination? We’re just a phone call away.


Need a tailored solution for your unique facility? We can help. Birko’s technical experts build specialty chemical formulations, including custom chemical blending and CIP plant cleaning chemicals.

We are your partner in food safety. In fact, our people and services are why companies choose us and remain loyal customers. Hear what some of our protein customers are saying about us.