Meat & Protein Harvest

Real feedback from real customers.

At Birko, we take food safety seriously, and nothing is more important to us than making sure your products are safe, secure and pathogen-free. And our level of service and care is second to none. Take it from these customers who partner with Birko on food safety.

Birko knows laundry and their service is unmatched. We all know how stressful it can be to install and start up new equipment, that’s why it was so great when Birko took on helping us with our new laundry and chemical pumping system. Thanks to the Birko team, we had a smooth and successful startup of our new system. We can’t afford any downtime with our laundry so I appreciate that they regularly monitor our pumps and formulations which they report back to us so that we can ensure that everything is running smooth, safe and efficient.”

Derik Page, Plant Engineer
JBS Hyrum, Hyrum, UT

The Automatic Mixing Station gives me confidence that we are maintaining consistent, reliable intervention spray dilution rates. The automation has allowed us to experience an increase in production flow, and a savings in labor. Birko’s equipment is durable and reliable, and because of its value to Lower Foods, we are continuing to purchase and install additional units on our plant floor.”

Mike Mortensen, Plant Manager
Lower Foods, Salt Lake City, UT

It’s important to have a good sanitation partner such as Birko to ensure that we do not present an atmosphere for bacterial micro growth. Birchwood would recommend Birko as being a partner in food safety because it’s more than just a chemical supplier. Birko offers a whole line of assistance.”

Charlie Tamburelli, Director of Operations Kenosha Plant
Birchwood Foods, Kenosha, Wisconsin

The relationship between the JBS Hyrum facility and Birko dates back to early in our plant’s history. Birko has always played an active role in our success by supplying a high performance product, reliable delivery systems, technical assistance in new processes and outstanding on-site service.”

Jay Rawlings, General Manager
JBS USA Food Company, Hyrum, Utah

“Birko has been a solution provider to our business for over 30 years. Their full complement of chemicals covers all of our needs, but it is the people that have kept me coming back to Birko. Their commitment to our business, no matter how large or small, their highly competent team that is always focused on solving our challenges, and the genuine sense of partnership is what will make Birko part of our business for years to come.”

Brad McDowell, President
Agri Beef Co., Boise, Idaho

My experience with Birko products in our laboratory has been absolutely excellent; I could not be happier. Birko’s detergents, foamers, sanitizers, interventions, customer service, and application equipment allows us to drastically increase our efficiency and educational value to students.”

Keith Belk, Ph.D.
Ft. Collins, Colorado

One of the things that the Birko team offers is practical expertise. Their representatives have worked in the industry so they know the challenges that we face every day. They are able to provide practical assistance with anything we ask of them.”

Alison A. Nolz, Director of Quality Assurance
AB Foods, LLC / Washington Beef, LLC, Boise, Idaho