Protection with Precision

The next generation of precision food safety solutions starts now.

Birko is launching a year of technology innovations, honing in on resource savings through precision application of antimicrobials and water.

Discover how scientists, food safety experts, and major beef processors teamed up to develop an innovative solution involving electrostatic antimicrobial intervention technology.

Download our free e-book to for the full story … from idea to R&D to launch. Find out why Elite 360® is poised to revolutionize food safety.

Elite 360°

The new Elite 360® is a revolution in precision application!

  • Significantly improves the safety of today’s food
  • Can disrupt how antimicrobials are applied to protein products
  • Reduces pathogens
  • Reduces amount of chemicals applied and wasted
  • Reduces water use
  • Reduces wastewater treatment costs

Introducing Protection with Precision and Elite 360®