Brewing & Distilling

Brewing and Distilling Services

Trusted by brewers, distillers and winemakers across the country, our team of experienced and highly trained experts provide a level of customer care and support that is second to none. Turn to Birko for:

  • Master brewers who can help with your most challenging cleaning and sanitation issues. Need to know how to clean brite tanks, prevent beer stone build-up, remove a nasty krausen ring or reduce dissolved oxygen? Dana, Elis and the team are here for you.

Dana Johnson

Dana Johnson, Technical Director of Craft Brewing, and homebrewer since 1989, is the former president of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, Rocky Mountain District. Reach him at [email protected] or (303) 289-1090.

Elis Owens

Elis Owens, Ph. D., Director of Technical Services, has a diploma in brewing science from the American Brewers Guild and is a member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas and the American Society of Brewing Chemists. Reach him at [email protected] or (303) 289-1090.

A complete team of experienced professionals

Not only master brewers, but experienced microbiologists, chemists, technical sales representatives, engineers, and quality assurance professionals. You name it, we have the expertise on our team.

In-plant consultations

Ready for our “SWAT” process? Our team of brewery experts conduct the most thorough sanitation and process assessment available. Why put yourself through the SWAT process? Because in the brew world, sanitation equates to product quality, and batch-after-batch consistency results in happy customers.

  • Every detail of your cleaning and sanitation process, from your SSOPs to your cleaning protocol is reviewed.
  • A summary of findings and custom-tailored recommendations is provided to help you increase cleaning efficacy, reduce sanitation cycle times and costs, and maximize brewing yields.

Employee Training

We not only identify best practices, we’ll train your team to implement and maintain these practices for sustainable results.

Custom Equipment

We supply brewers with the equipment and tools you need for automated open plant cleaning and filler cleaning.


Need a tailored solution for your unique operation? We can help. Birko’s technical experts develop specialty chemical formulations and custom equipment for some of the country’s most well known craft brewers.


We are your partner in craft brewery sanitation. In fact, our people and services are why companies choose us and remain loyal customers. Hear what some of our customers are saying.