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Real feedback from real customers.

Successful breweries count on Birko to provide innovative, cost-effective, and efficient cleaning and sanitizing protocols that work batch after batch. Take it from these customers who partner with Birko on brewery cleaning and sanitizing.

“Not only does Birko have a chemical to cover every need, they also have the brain power to problem solve any issue a brewery might encounter. The people behind the chemicals are just as powerful as the chemicals themselves! We couldn’t be as successful as we are today without the help of Birko along the way.”

Matt “Handtruck” Thrall, Former Head Brewer
Avery Brewing Company, Boulder, Colorado

From the brewery to our taproom sinks, Birko products provide squeaky clean and sanitized vessels to protect our most valued asset, our beer. And after two years of using Birko products, we are thrilled with the results, as well as their great customer service.”

Brian O’Connell, Chief Beer Officer
Renegade Brewing Company, Denver, Colorado

The recommendation to use Birko was, and still is, the best piece of advice we have received. We have Birko to thank for allowing our recipes to really shine. Because all you taste is what we want you to taste.”

Dan Diebolt, Owner
Diebolt Brewing, Denver, Colorado

In seventeen years, we’ve never had an issue with infection or sanitization because Birko keeps us clean. Our customers appreciate the level of quality, consistency, and cleanliness of our beers. We have the medals to prove it.”

Bob Baile, President
Twisted Pine Brewing Company, Boulder, Colorado

I had beerstone slowly building inside my fermenters for nearly three years, and it was a horrible situation. I started cleaning the fermenters as Dana Johnson instructed, using Ultra Niter and Cell-R-Mastr. The beerstone is completely gone. Every time I transfer out of my fermenter, I use that process, and it is nothing short of amazing. Thank you!”

Ethan Kister, Owner
Bullquarian Brewhouse, Monroe, WI

“At Breckenridge Brewery, we are very water conscious and have been working hard to minimize our impact on this precious and limited resource. We approached Birko looking to optimize our CIP processes and reduce our water consumption. Birko recommended adjusting the frequency of acid CIP cycles in the brewhouse and to implement acid/detergent CIP on bright tanks in order to reduce the amount of water used to rinse out chemicals. Under these new CIP schedules, our water consumption is down 13% year to date. In addition to water savings, the recommendations from Birko have also reduced the time and labor required to keep our equipment clean while still maintaining rigorous sanitation standards.”

Carl Heinz, Head Brewer
Breckenridge Brewery, Littleton, Colorado

“BBC cleans and rinses better than any other powdered CIP cleaner we’ve used. It required less water to rinse it off our equipment, which will help us reduce our water usage and conserve a significant amount of water in the long run. I am meticulous about how we clean our lines and this product delivered, without impacting the final taste of our product. I’ve already placed my first order for BBC.”

Joe Savage, Head Brewer
Odyssey Beerwerks, Arvada, Colorado

I used your Acid Brite #2 and Cell-R-Mastr cleaning method on my tanks and they have never looked better. It is also faster and much cheaper. Now I am doing kegs!”

James A. Romano, Owner
Fire Cirkl, White City, Oregon

Birko provides above and beyond support and service, excellent products and prices with simple ordering and shipping. Interacting with Birko is one of the few predictable and reliable events in my work day!”

Michael Richmond, Brewing Shift Lead
Stone Brewing Company, Escondido, California