Bundling Your Food Sanitation Labor and Chemicals Do You Know What You’re Really Getting When Outsourcing?

Running a sanitation program is no easy task with today’s tight labor market, rising costs and increased government regulations.

When a company comes along and says they can provide both the labor and sanitation chemicals to clean your plant bundled together, it may seem too good to be true.

How do you really know…

  • If the promised number of contract laborers shows up each night?
  • If your contracted food sanitation crew has been properly trained in food safety?
  • If the chemicals used are being used correctly, in the right consistency?
  • If you are getting what you paid for?

In this exclusive report from the food safety experts at Birko, we examine the pros and cons of using contract food sanitation, and how you can build smarter partnerships when outsourcing your plant’s labor and chemicals. You’ll discover:

  • The direct and indirect costs of a recall
  • An integrated model for using contract labor
  • Actionable food safety solutions with contract labor

Download the report today to learn more about how the right partner can help you retain visibility and control in the food sanitation process at your plant.