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Birko Will Launch Industry-Changing Head and Tongue Wash with the Protection with Precision™ Suite at IPPE

Patented oscillating arbor system significantly reduces water and labor costs

HENDERSON, Colo. – Birko, a leader in providing food safety solutions, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent 10,455,843 entitled “Multi-Angle Carcass Wash Systems, Wash Cabinets Including Same, and Related Methods.” The patent covers the design, process and manufacturing of a multi-angle wash system for cleaning carcasses, comprising of a multi-angle fluid distribution unit, a rotating unit and a guiding unit operably coupled to the spray unit or the multi-angle fluid distribution unit.

The new patent is used in Birko’s Head and Tongue Wash. The system is proven to effectively wash heads and tongues while reducing water consumption in plants by up to 60%. The system works by capturing each head and tongue as they enter the cabinet and spraying water with 3-dimensional, contoured arbors that oscillate, following the heads and tongues.

Protein harvest plants have a large water footprint. This not only negatively affects the environment, but it also directly affects a processor’s bottom line.

“Processors must pay to pipe in water, heat it and treat outgoing water,” Bob Ogren, Birko VP of Equipment said. “With the Head and Tongue Wash, plants can save up to 60% in water, as virtually 100% of the water hits the head and tongue and is shut off in between washes.”

The Head and Tongue Wash also reduces the wash time per head by up to 50% and significantly reduces labor, as it removes the need for manual sanitation. All of these benefits combined can help processors achieve an ROI in just one year.

Birko will launch the Head and Tongue Wash with the Protection with Precision™ suite of equipment at the upcoming International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE), held January 28-30, 2020, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

Birko experts will be available to answer questions about the Protection with PrecisionTM technology for not only the Head and Tongue Wash, but also for its ground breaking Elite 360® and Birko by Lagafors® suite in booth B7519. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch a video of the equipment in action.

In addition to learning more about the Head and Tongue Wash at Birko’s IPPE booth (B7519), expo attendees can get more information in a TechTalk given by Ogren. The TechTalk will be presented in Hall B, booth B8648 on Wed. Jan. 29, from 1:50-2:10 p.m. Following Ogren’s presentation, Birko experts and representatives will be available to answer questions.

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Photos for media use:

Download Image: A rendering of Birko’s Head and Tongue Wash, which effectively and efficiently sanitizes through oscillating arbors.

Download Image: A graph showing the water savings achieved by a large beef processor after using the Head and Tongue Wash for 90 days.

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