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Birko Unveils New Birko by Lagafors® Sanitation Equipment

HENDERSON, Colo. – Birko, a leader in providing food safety solutions for the protein, protein harvest, further processing, produce, and brewing and distilling industries, is now the exclusive distributor of Lagafors food plant sanitation equipment, and will bring the automated cleaning solutions to market under the Birko by Lagafors® brand.

The Birko by Lagafors® suite includes centralized, decentralized and automated cleaning systems to support food hygiene and sanitation in small and large food and beverage plants. The equipment is proven to reduce sanitation operating expenses by up to 35% by using less water, chemical and labor. Typically, facilities can recoup costs within the first 18 months of use.

“We’re proud to be the sole and exclusive distributor of Lagafors in the U.S., Canada and Mexico because Lagafors upholds the same values and commitment to food safety as Birko,” said Mark Swanson, CEO, Birko. “The equipment couldn’t be coming at a better time for North American food plants that are facing a tight labor market, new sanitation requirements and the challenge of doing more with less. Birko by Lagafors® will support these needs by reducing water, labor and chemical use in sanitation practices, but providing a consistent and reliable outcome every time.”

The partnership between Birko and Lagafors combines two respected and trusted brands to deliver valuable automated food safety solutions to North American food and beverage companies.

“Lagafors has a longstanding reputation in Europe and we are pleased to work with a well-respected food safety leader in the U.S. to represent our company and our equipment,” said Magnus Elmblad, CEO, Lagafors. “Birko shares our values and our views on the environment, worker safety and food hygiene. Furthermore, they take the same approach we do to sanitation and cleaning: improve food safety while reducing costs and minimizing the environmental impact.”

The Birko by Lagafors® solutions are available immediately. For more information, contact Birko at 800-444-8360 to discuss which solution is best for your facility, or click here.


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