Press Release

Birko Introduces Two New Products

HENDERSON, Colo.- Birko Corporation, a leader in craft brewery sanitation, recently introduced two new products to their craft brewery line-up, Nitro-CIP and Pur-Ox. Nitro-CIP is a high nitric acid, low phosphate containing acid that is perfect for stainless steel passivation, use in areas with hard water, and for beerstone removal. Nitro-CIP can be used with X-Puma (non-foaming detergent additive) for even better cleaning and protein removal.

Pur-Ox is a 34% stabilized hydrogen peroxide mixture designed to be used at the point of use as a cleaning adjunct for caustic CIP cleaning solutions. When added at the point of use, Pur-Ox assists cleaning by providing additional displacement of protein soils and light beerstone deposits. For more information and details on Nitro-CIP and Pur-Ox, contact Dana Johnson at Birko Corporation: