Press Release

Birko Introduces New Craft Brewery Cleaner, BBC

HENDERSON, Colo. – Birko, a leader in providing food safety solutions for the brew, protein, further processing and produce industries, has launched a new non-caustic, alkaline cleaner, Birko Brewery Cleaner (BBC), exclusively formulated for CIP brewhouse and fermenter cleaning.

Developed by Birko’s technical experts and master brewers, BBC is a powerful powdered detergent blend created to clean and rinse better than other powdered brewery washes on the market. Compatible with aluminum, iron, copper and stainless steel, BBC does not leave a silicate or battleship gray film on tanks. The product does not contain solvents, caustic soda, chlorine or phenol.

“BBC removes yeast, trub and other brewery soils safely and effectively without the use of a high-caustic chemical on equipment like mash tuns, brew kettles, fermenters, heat exchangers, lines and kegs,” said Dana Johnson, master brewer and Birko’s technical director of craft brewing. “It also comes at a competitive price point so that craft brewers, including nano, micro and regional brewers, can easily fit it into their budget.”

To test the product’s capabilities, Odyssey Beerwerks, a craft brewery in Arvada, Colo., completed a field test in its brewhouse and fermenters. Joe Savage, Odyssey Beerwerks’ head brewer, was impressed with BBC’s results.

“BBC cleans and rinses better than any other powdered CIP cleaner we’ve used. It required less water to rinse it off our equipment, which will help us reduce our water usage and conserve a significant amount of water in the long run,” Savage said. “I am meticulous about how we clean our lines and this product delivered, without impacting the final taste of our product. I’ve already placed my first order for BBC.”

Birko has a long history of delivering cleaners, sanitizers and process aids to craft brewers. Birko’s team of experienced and highly trained experts provide a level of customer care and support that is second to none. Customers using Birko chemistry, equipment and technology enjoy improved product shelf life and consistent flavor profiles. In fact, 25 percent of medal winners at the Great American Beer Festival brew with Birko.

Birko Brewery Cleaner is available now, and ships to all 50 states. Request a sample or order at 800-525-0476 or [email protected].