System Cleaners

Birko now carries the full line of System Cleaners cleaning equipment and accessories from Denmark. This is a high-quality, state-of the-art plant spray cleaning solution for every type and size of meat, poultry and food plant.

Plant Spray Cleaning Solutions

Pressure Regulated Foam Application

The use of high water jet pressure in a food plant can result in atomization of soil that can settle back on cleaned food contact surfaces and equipment after the cleaning process. System Cleaners delivery equipment sets the optimum pressure for all spray, foam and rinse applications.

System Cleaners Models

Birko can provide a System Cleaners centralized cleaning system for the entire plant, single room equipment or portable models for room-to-room cleaning. We also provide custom engineered equipment for specific cleaning requirements. Both state-of-the-art and economy models are available to meet any plant objective.

System Cleaners Models

From left to right: the Centralized Cleaning System; the SC 30; the economical Titan wall-mounted foamer

Centralized Cleaning

Larger plants can benefit economically from centralized cleaning. Birko can provide secured mixing and distribution from a central point to satellite delivery stations at point of use. Correct dilution of a single chemical or blending of a multi-chemical formula is assured.
Centralized Cleaning in Action

Plant Cleaning System Upgrades

Contact Birko if you are looking to upgrade or improve your cleaning and sanitation operations. We have almost 60 years’ experience in cleaning federally inspected meat and poultry plants and have a wide range of specialty chemical products and delivery equipment options to successfully tackle any difficult food plant cleaning or sanitation requirement.

Cart-Mounted Systems

Wash-down, foam and sanitize with these System Cleaners portable units.
Cart-mounted systems


All System Cleaner equipment comes with an assortment of high quality fittings, hoses and spray heads.

System Cleaners Accessories

From left to right: Thermo Hose, Adjustable Spray Gun and Spray Nozzels

Water Quality

Water quality is fundamentally important to plant cleaning. Birko also provides water conditioning chemicals and precise water temperature regulating equipment.

Contact your Birko Technical Representative to schedule an in-plant demonstration of System Cleaners capabilities.