Birko Pumps and Controllers

These are PLC-based (programmable logic control) single and multi-pump chemical dispensing and replenishing systems for single or multi-part chemical processes. Derived from our UltraClean Systems line of Liquik® Dispensing Systems, they offer convenience, durability, operator safety and precise chemical control including timed or on-demand dispensing.

PLC-Based for Single and Multi-Chemical Use

Birko can design a wide variety of custom systems using one or more basic pump/controller components to cover most plant chemical dispensing requirements such as filling or drawing from day tanks. Our PLC control systems feature a keyed locking power switch for safety, push-button activation switches and run-time operating lights, all mounted in corrosion-proof, watertight fiberglass Nema 4x enclosures. Remote monitoring and smart relay logic control are an integral part of every system. Pump boxes may be mounted adjacent to chemical storage. Pumps, also housed in fiberglass NEMA 4x enclosures, are self-priming, air-operated and double-diaphragm. These pumps were selected for their durability, delivery rate and chemical compatibility. A high volume moisture separator is also included to protect the pumps and promote extended service life. For assistance specifying the correct entryway foamer and foaming chemical for each entry in your plant contact your Birko Technical Representative.

Birko provides a final specification for all UltraClean™ Systems and assists the plant’s maintenance department with installation, start-up and calibration, as well as employee training. We are committed to the ongoing success of your operation so please contact us for wearable parts and maintenance support. Birko can also provide chemical use analysis and recommendations to cover your specific plant cleaning or sanitation issues.