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Birko Equipment Division – Efficient, Economical and Safer Food Plant Operation

Chad Equipment, LLC, a division of Birko, manufactures USDA-approved washing and pasteurizing equipment for meat harvesting and processing operations, as well as chemical dispensing systems, and antimicrobial mixing and spraying conveyors. Chad also provides ongoing service and support for its harvesting and processing equipment.Chad is an industry leader in the patented recirculating hot water pasteurization system and the patented oscillating action wash system for high and low pressure processing applications. The company also pioneered the concepts of washing beef carcasses before evisceration, pasteurizing red meat carcasses and washing viscera tables and viscera pans using brushes and sprays.

In tandem with Birko, Chad manufactures automated chemical dispensing systems designed to safely blend and distribute both sanitation and processing chemicals. Our systems help create a more efficient, economical and safer food plant operation. They’re designed to precisely batch the correct Birko formula or chemical for specific applications, while eliminating chemical waste due to overmixing.

At the same time, Birko systems help eliminate problems with chemical performance that may occur due to undermixing. They also control employee access to chemicals. Birko equipment is designed to work equally well from small drums or larger bulk storage.

Birko’s equipment line is designed to help processors save money by reducing and eliminating manual operations; save water by minimizing water usage and sewer disposal; and increase yield and increase profits by reducing trim. Additionally, Chad’s equipment reduces and controls microbial contamination by pasteurizing carcasses and reduces downtime through reliability, ease of maintenance, and immediate delivery of replacement parts from stock.

Chad’s service division includes monitoring equipment, scheduled servicing, and appropriate maintenance verification, documentation and as-needed personnel training.

Birko also sources related equipment from reputable companies specializing in food plant sanitation or food processing. Through special distributorships, we offer Emech™ temperature control valves and Komax inline steam heaters.

Watch this video to learn more about Birko equipment and services.


For beef, pork, lamb and other carcasses.

Equipment Service and Support

For harvesting and processing equipment.


Hypobromous acid generation system.

BOSS™ Blend-On-Site System

Tracks chemical use.

Semi-Bulk Storage Tanks

Bulk chemical storage.

System Cleaners

Full line from Denmark.

Emech Valves and Electronic Actuators

Ensure precise temperature output.

Komax Inline Steam Heaters

Accurate temperature set points.

Liquik® Tripe System

Precision measuring for tripe refiners.

Pumps and Controllers

Chemical dispensing and replenishing systems.

Disinfecting Entryway Foamers

Stop pathogen migration.

Liquik Trolley® System

Adjusts chemistry for trolley dip tanks.

UltraClean™ Systems Line

Birko’s UltraClean™ Systems Line includes dispensing systems and chemicals.