Food Processing Plant Cleaning and Sanitation Chemicals

Birko manufactures a complete line of chemicals for cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP). Many Birko products are on the USDA NOP (National Organic Program) list of allowed products for use by organic processors, and many others are based on environmentally preferable or “environmentally neutral” formulas.

Birko’s Sustainability Program

Birko’s sustainability program has been in place for over 10 years and includes a comprehensive line of environmentally friendly and/or neutral products. In fact, Birko has the highest percentage of environmentally responsible product formulations of any company in the industry – over 50%. We are the only chemical company to offer an entire range of products free of butyl solvents. Additionally, our products do not contain ammonia, ozone depleting ingredients, carcinogens, chlorinated solvents, reproductive toxins or heavy metals.

Many Birko formulations are on the USDA National Organic Program list of allowed products for use by organic processors and nearly all other Birko products are registered with the EPA as environmentally preferable or “environmentally neutral” formulas. Most of our product line meets GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) criteria.

Moreover, as part of our commitment to reducing toxic pollution and improving indoor air quality, our products contain post consumer packaging, recyclable packaging and biodegradable surfactants. We have also made a commitment to reduce waste. Shipping products in a concentrated form can reduce freight costs and transportation-associated pollution by reducing the amount of water that has to be shipped. Shipping smaller volumes of product will also reduce the empty containers that need to be returned or subsequently disposed of.

Birko prides itself on providing ethical customer service and values-driven performance. We are committed to chemical usage transparency and system validation. Our products are economical, helping processing plants reduce their regulatory costs and legal liability exposure. Birko’s suite of chemistry, equipment and IT solutions are ideal for processing plants interested in furthering their sustainability programs.

USDA NOP (National Organic Program) list

These Birko products are found on the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances for the National Organic Program (NOP).

They are not necessarily considered “environmentally friendly,” but are allowed for direct contact with organic edible food or for cleaning of organic food operations as stated in the directions for use.


A multi-use chlorinated cleaner and sanitizer. Disinfects, bleaches, deodorizes and removes stains. Safe – can be used as a hand sanitizer and laundry cleaner and bleaching agent. EPA registered.

88% FCC Lactic Acid

The natural L(+) lactic acid produced by fermentation from sugar. Lactic acid has a mild acid taste and is widely used as an acidulant in the food industry. In the meat industry, lactic acid is used as a carcass spray and belt spray. Lactic acid’s primary function is to preserve.


A mild, tech-grade sodium bicarbonate. Adds a non-slip surface to floors.


An EPA-registered 5.6% active peracetic acid liquid post-rinse sanitizer for previously cleaned surfaces.

Birko White Oil™

A premium white oil for the food processing environment. Can be combined with other Birko oils for improved lubrication of hooks trolleys and gambrels.


Provides a sustained, slow release of chlorine dioxide for odor control in process streams and waste lagoons. Destroys foul-smelling sulfur compounds without the corrosive effect of common oxidizers. Demand-dependent formula outlasts other oxidizing treatments and is much more economical to use. Biodegradable.


A food grade (GRAS) organic acid powder, effective in reducing pH in finished edible product. Releases dormant oxygen for whiter, brighter product. Also used to activate dhlorine cioxide sanitizers, neutralizing or reducing pH in water and removing or preventing scale formation.


A 7.5% sodium chlorite (NaClO2) liquid concentrate is used to produce chlorine dioxide in solution for use as an odor control agent and sanitizer. Safer and far less corrosive than straight chlorine bleach, completely breaks down to harmless byproducts after use.

Free Style™ 1 HTH

A 65 % calcium hypochlorite salt powder is ideal for use as a deodorant, cleaner, sanitizer and as a conditioner for raceway brine.

Lipolase 100L™

A liquid lipase enzyme for cleaning blood plasma nanofiltration systems and in laundries for removing blood stains.

Liquik® Bleach

A food grade, stabilized 34% hydrogen peroxide liquid bleach for edible tripe and other products, far less corrosive that most chlorine-based compounds. Also used as a cleaner and odor control agent.

Liquik® Diactolate™

50% active in liquid form of DIACTOLATE™ Also used to activate chlorine dioxide sanitizers, neutralizing or reducing pH in water or finished product, as a laundry sour and removing and preventing scale formation.

Purafect 4000L™

A liquid protease enzyme used to remove blood plasma from nanofiltration equipment and in the laundry.

EPA-Registered Products

Birko is thoroughly familiar with the strict guidelines governing the use of EPA-registered products and can consult with you on the best product for your needs. Birko provides quantities of these products suitable for large-scale use by public transportation, schools, institutions, hotels, businesses and other facilities where more frequent application in high public-use locations would be required. Birko does not carry our products in quantities suitable for home use. Our EPA product line includes:

Disinfection Products:

Quadra Quat™

A 7.5% active, four-way quaternary ammonium (quat) sanitizer/disinfectant.

Ultra Quat™

A 10% active, four-way quaternary ammonium (quat) sanitizer/disinfectant.


A 5.6% active peracetic acid (PAA or Peroxyacetic acid) liquid sanitizer.

General Sanitizing Products:


An all purpose iodophor-based sanitizer that is safe for use on all surfaces including natural and synthetic rubbers, plastic, stainless and aluminum.

Environmentally Friendly (Green) Products

Birko’s biodegradable products cause no known problems with the environment or generally break down into harmless residual chemicals after use.

Acto™ 140

An ultra pure powdered oxygen bleach for food grade product such as tripe and bleaching other edible product.


A broad spectrum antimicrobial for direct application to edible beef during processing.


An economical, easy-rinsing hand soap containing the fundamental ingredients to get the job done. Cuts the toughest fats and blood proteins. For use in all dispensers.


A broad spectrum antimicrobial for direct application to edible poultry during processing.


“Janitor in a jug,” works well for mopping tile and linoleum floors, cleaning sinks, mirrors, countertops, painted walls, etc. Ideal for spray-on and wipe-off applications.

Liquik® 2 NU BLU™

A self-foaming, general-purpose cleaner that is ideal for janitorial use or on personal equipment such as rubber boots or plastic aprons.

Liquik® 5

Liquik 5 is a mild general purpose cleaner containing low alkalinity, surfactants and rinse aids. The combination of ingredients make it a powerful cleaner for smoke residues, light animal fats and oils, and surface soils where it is safe to use as a hand scrubbing compound even in the concentrate. Harmless to galvanized metals and any soft metals including aluminum and copper. Approved by the USDA for use as a general cleaning agent on all surfaces, or for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices in all departments.


A combination of mildly-alkaline surface active agents and solvents for use a safe and effective general-purpose cleaner. The synergy between the detergent and solvent components provides powerful grease stripping without high alkaline levels.

Liquik® 20

A high-foaming, low-alkalinity detergent with solvents for maximum cleaning efficiency and enhanced worker safety. Recommended for all sanitation programs. Approved by the USDA as a general purpose cleaning agent on all surfaces.

Neutra Foam™

A safe, chemically-neutral formula that may be used alone as a general-purpose cleaner or as a foam generator with most acid and alkaline cleaners. It is harmless to all metal and tiled surfaces, even undiluted, and will cut most types of soils.

Neutra Sol™

A potent combination of surface-active agents, plus non-toxic solvents, to make up a slightly alkaline, general-purpose cleaner that will remove fats and soils from porous and non-porous surfaces. Safe to use in even the most concentrated form, it may a diluted to 1% with potable water for foam application. Neutra Sol™ is a neutral product.

Orange Sol™

A non-aqueous, H1 classified combination of surfactants and food-grade solvents (citrus oils) that dissolve and remove high concentrations of fats and proteins. Great for floor and sink drains.


A mildly alkaline mix or detergents and non-toxic solvents for use in automatic dishwashers, power floor scrubbers and similar applications. Cleans fast and rinses easily with no foam generation. Contains no phosphates.


A broad spectrum antimicrobial for direct application to edible fruit and produce during processing.

XLNT 4-U2™ Powder (or liquid)

A moderate to high-foaming, non-caustic alkaline detergent general-purpose cleaner with solvents for maximum cleaning efficiency and worker safety. Does not contain phosphates.

Environmentally Neutral Products

These Birko chemical compounds break down into residual chemicals that are not identified currently as an environmental contaminant. They contain non-toxic solvents and fluoro-surfactants.

Acid Brite No. 2™

A multi-use blended liquid acid cleaner, works effectively to remove protein and scale-based soils.

Air Fresheners

Birko’s line of air fresheners contain chemical reactants that combine with and neutralize odors, plus a separate, mild-aroma ingredient. Available in Orange, Lemon-Lime, Bubble Gum, Cherry, Vanilla, or Pine scents. These can also be used as light-duty, general-purpose cleaners.

Bi-Tec 55H™

Quat-based spray-on, wipe-off cleaner.


EPA-registered, acidified quaternary ammonium (quat) cleaner and sanitizer approved for use in dairy and food processing plants. Broad spectrum antimicrobial with the greatest efficacy on Gram-positive microorganisms.

Bi-Tec 77H™

An alkaline powder formulation for use as a self-foaming, enzymatic medium-duty cleaner. Safe for use on all metals.

Bi-Tec 77H/Bleach™

A non-caustic alkaline bleach powder formula for use in the laundry or as a general-purpose cleaner. Contains detergents, oxygen bleach, enzymes and water conditioners. Foamy, safe for use on metals.


Clean your mash tuns, brew kettles, fermentors, heat exchangers, lines, kegs, etc., more quickly and effectively than with routine caustic products. Used with Birko’s Cell-R-Mastr for a perfect shine on any metal.

Brute Plus™

A liquid, alkaline mix of water conditioners, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors designed for use as a caustic additive to boost the cleaning, dispersing and rinsing qualities of caustic solutions.


Designed for use in breweries and beverage plants as a safer replacement for harsh caustic cleaners. Leaves a perfect shine on metal vessels and tanks. Works great on all metals.


A strongly alkaline liquid blend of caustic, surface-active agents, dispersants and chelants. Designed for use as a heavy-duty CIP cleaner and features outstanding performance on protein soils. Leaves stainless steel looking great.


A liquid formulation designed for use as a heavy-duty, self-foaming, chlorinated cleaner. It can be used on equipment in all departments when followed with a potable water rinse.

Cir Tec CLQR™

An effective non-foaming alkaline cleaner and bleaching concentrate for many applications. Popular for use in CIP situations to remove protein-based soils.


A moderate-foaming, solvent and detergent cleaner for removing surface grease.


Birko’s laundry detergent formula for removing grease and oils.

Liquik® 2CS

A mild, self-foaming, liquid quat-containing product that is safe for use on most equipment including aluminum, galvanized metal, floors and walls, rubber, neoprene and plastics. In addition to use in processing areas, Liquik® 2 CS is an ideal product for use in cleaning personal equipment and locker rooms, and as a general janitorial cleaner.

Liquik® CC

Does not contain sodium hydroxide.

Liquik® 3

An unprecedented combination of aggressive alkalinity, surface active agents, emulsifiers and solvent. Features state-of-the-art water compatibility, effectively dealing with all types of hardness, even in the most challenging geographical areas.

Liquik® 4

A self-foaming, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner. Removes fats, protein and soils instantly. Contains rinse aids for a bright, shiny surface. For use as a general cleaning agent on all surfaces or for use in steam or mechanical cleaning equipment.

Liquik® 30

An economical, self-foaming general-purpose liquid. Compatible with chlorine bleach, Liquik 30 can be used anywhere in the plant when followed by a potable water rinse.

Meta-Tec® 2C Liquid

This thick, strongly alkaline, ready-to-use liquid cleaner contains a large amounts of surfactants and cleaning agents that strip rust and soils from metal surfaces. Used to paint on and spray off. Great for use on stainless steel.


A premium, non-caustic, multi-metal safe alkaline powder that is appropriate nearly everywhere in the plant. Pronto is especially effective against oily and proteinaceous buildups and is excellent on concrete floors subject to greasy heavy traffic and tire marks.


Birko’s No. 1 selling acid cleaner. As the name implies, it leaves a nice shine on equipment surfaces.


An economical, self-foaming general-purpose cleaner with quaternary ammonium chlorides. Removes soils that promote microbial growth. Safe for a variety of uses.


Used as a release agent or a cleaner, in higher concentrations, for paving equipment. Removes tar and asphalt without harming metal or paint while deodorizing. Leaves a protective coating inhibiting further adhesion.

Ultra Niter™

A non-foaming acid formula cleaner combined with a surfactant for increased cleaning power.


EPA-registered, 10% active, four-way quaternary ammonium (quat) sanitizer/disinfectant. More effective against a broader array of microbes than normal two-way quat compounds.


An economical liquid cleaner for CIP applications blended with sodium hydroxide and water conditioners, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors for use as a non-foaming caustic CIP or hot tank cleaner.


A non-foaming detergent for use with Birko’s unique, multipurpose cleaning system.