The Birko Advantage

We’ve had more than a few questions recently on The Birko Advantage from customers who want to know more about it.

The Birko Advantage is more than just a slogan or flashy graphic (kudos to The Creative Alliance for the graphic!!). It is what the Birko field team is accomplishing each and every day on both large and small scales. This is not simply a new trend, but a culture that has been ingrained in Birko for decades. We recently labeled it The Birko Advantage, but is truly the embodiment of our core culture: we care more about helping our customers and their industries than we do nearly anything else and we do this because we are compelled to do the right thing.

The Birko Advantage we have created stems from giving the field team the resources to support their passion of helping the food processing industry. By continuing to add to the toolbox of support for the team, we can now offer our outstanding chemistry, our industry leading equipment (Chad), and the technology to deliver the best support either through data or through technology such as BirkoStats™ or the VerifEYE™ system.

When you have a culture that embodies this passion for the greater cause of making our customers and industry a better place, it is truly a privilege to watch the team work. In addition to great chemistry, industry-leading equipment and stellar technology, The Birko Advantage is also our team.