The Birko Advantage — Guaranteed 20% Cost Savings Or We Will Make Up The Difference!

Birko is a leader in food safety solutions for the world’s largest protein processors. From our founding nearly 60 years ago, we’ve grown from being a chemical supplier to the beef industry to a premier food safety solutions provider with a comprehensive portfolio of chemistry, equipment and technology.

Today, our environmentally safe chemistry includes industrial strength formulations for cleaning, sanitizing and antimicrobial interventions. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes automated dispensing systems designed to help food processing professionals safely blend and distribute both sanitation and processing chemicals. And now with the addition of Chad, we offer a complete line of USDA-approved harvest and processing equipment for small- to large-volume operations.

On the technology side, our integrated solutions include the Blend-on-Site System, or BOSS™, which blends high performance cleaning products on-site from custom concentrates to solve specific cleaning and sanitation challenges. The BOSS delivers the details to BirkoStats™, our online chemical tracking system. Together, BOSS and BirkoStats provide an immediate return on investment through chemical cost analysis, automated sanitation practices and better resource use.

Our chemistry, equipment and technology comprise a total integrated food safety solution that we call The Birko Advantage. Through our family of over 400 chemicals for sanitation and processing, specialized delivery and harvesting equipment and custom IT solutions, we help our customers meet HACCP and SSOP standards and maximize their return on investment.

We are so confident that The Birko Advantage will deliver world class processing solutions while helping provide a more efficient, economical and safer food plant operation that we guarantee a 20% cost savings, or we will make up the difference.

For example:

  • If a customer is using totes and drums for sanitation chemicals, we can guarantee 20% savings by switching to Birko with the BOSS™ Blend-on-Site System.
  • If the customer is using lactic at our current retail price (or even the competitor’s product in most cases), we can guarantee a 20% savings by switching to Beefxide®.
  • If a customer is using the powdered bromine system, we can guarantee a substantial savings by switching to the Birko BLAST.
  • If a customer switches to a recirculating cabinet versus conventional, we can save them 20% on their water use.

We’d be glad to tell you more about The Birko Advantage and the way it’s revolutionizing food safety. Give us a call or e-mail me directly at to learn more. We look forward to helping you increase your bottom line through The Birko Advantage.