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The Best Beer Money Can Buy?

The brewing industry is all abuzz lately with the news that AB InBev has purchased yet another craft brewery. This transaction occurred about the same time AB also decided to draw a line in the sand during the Super Bowl with an ad that very much put down craft beer drinkers and a beer in particular that is made by the company they just bought!

At first, this might seem like a very bad idea, but is it? Maybe. Maybe not.

Macro brewed beer sales have been flat (no pun intended), and these brands have been losing market share to the craft brewing segment so it makes sense that the big major brewers are looking to get a piece of that pie. Goose Island, Blue Point, 10 Barrel, Elysian, who is next? Anybody’s guess right now, but you can be sure that this most recent purchase of a craft brewery is likely not the last one to be purchased by a major brewer. I’ve noticed that the majority of consumers do not really seem to care who makes the beer they drink as long as it tastes good, is consistent, and affordable. Besides, some folks will never convert to craft beer so why not give them a reason to feel good about the beer they drink? Makes sense to me.

There are plenty of small, independently owned craft breweries around, and there are tons more on the way. In the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?” I think we can.

Regardless of the brewery size, Birko helps the brewer make beer that tastes great (whether it is less filling or not) with our superior cleaning, sanitizing and process aids!