Protection with Precision

The next phase of precision food safety solutions is here.

Stop at Booth #B7519 during IPPE 2020 in January and discover the next innovation in Birko’s Protection with Precision™ line that significantly reduces water and labor costs in head wash cabinets.

The patented Head and Tongue Wash is proven to effectively wash heads and tongues while reducing water consumption. The system features contoured arbors that oscillate, following the heads and tongues. The arbors shut off in between washes, reducing waste, conserving resources and lowering costs.

Continuing our focus on innovation at IPPE, which includes our Elite 360® and Birko by Lagafors®, our products help processors reduce operation costs while improving results.

Head and Tounge

The patented Head and Tongue Wash provides real results.

  • Processing plants save up to 60 percent in water with the targeted technology
  • The wash time per head is reduced by up to 50 percent, increasing throughput
  • Water is shut off in between washes, reducing water usage up to 60 percent
  • Virtually 100 percent of the water hits the head and tongue, reducing wasted water
  • Electrostatic intervention technology available for a highly targeted and ultra-efficient cleaning, while reducing chemical usage by up to 95 percent
  • Processing plants may achieve an ROI in as little as one year

Stop by our TECHTalks session at IPPE and learn more about this game-changing new product.

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Significant Water Savings Through New Head and Tongue Wash Technology

Bob Ogren, VP and General Manager – Equipment Division, Birko Corporation Wednesday, January 29 at 1:50 PM – 2:10 PM in Hall B8648

Introducing the next phase of Protection with Precision