The Elite 360®: The Future of Food Safety

Use Fewer Resources and Achieve Better Results with Revolutionary Electrostatic Technology

The Elite 360® is Birko’s latest innovation in antimicrobial intervention for food processing. Using electrostatic technology to apply antimicrobial products, the Elite 360® helps meat and poultry processors meet USDA requirements for pathogen reduction while saving on water and chemical usage.

Impressive Food Sanitation Efficiency Results*

In testing and facilities using the Elite 360®, processors have been shown to achieve:

*Found in Birko testing and facilities using the Elite 360®

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How the Elite 360® Works

The Elite 360® harnesses electrostatic technology in an all-new way to apply antimicrobials to meat and poultry products. It operates by spraying an electrostatically charged antimicrobial solution onto a product as it rotates, exposing all surfaces of the product to ensure full coverage. This process helps achieve up to 100% transfer efficiency while reducing overspray and uneven application of chemicals.

See the Elite 360® Electrostatic Technology in Action

Behind the Scenes: Development and Testing


Developed in partnership with Colorado State University, the Elite 360® underwent rigorous testing and several stages of development to utilize electrostatic technology in an all-new way.

More on the Elite 360® For Food Processing


Learn how the Elite 360® improves food safety in meat and poultry processing, and hear about the real-world results of implementing the equipment.

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Picture a process that allows food companies to experience increased efficiency and cost-savings while reducing chemical and water usage through precise application. Now, imagine this new method significantly increases coverage and the elimination of foodborne pathogens. That’s what we’ve achieved with Birko’s Elite 360®.

–Mark Swanson, Birko CEO

>> Antimicrobial chemistry

>> Water usage

>> Wastewater treatment costs

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Articles Featuring the Elite 360®

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Choosing Birko’s Elite 360® was critical in helping our food safety standards and achieving our long-term goals for success in our business.

–Chris Williams, General Manager, Pineland Farms

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