Sanitation Labor Partners

With food safety top-of-mind for industry professionals and consumers alike, it’s crucial to have professional help in meeting HACCP and SSOP standards while handling labor challenges. Birko and its Sanitation Labor Partners have joined together to help identify and solve both food safety and labor issues in the protein arena.

  • Birko and its Sanitation Labor Partners work to provide labor cost management, food safety solutions, chemical inventory control, logistics, reporting and continuous improvement.
  • Sanitation Labor Partners’ sanitation labor management is supported by Birko’s team of HACCP-certified food safety specialists, microbiologists, R&D team and a Class II Pathogen laboratory.
  • Birko’s tech support staff is dedicated to federally-inspected meat plants. Birko provides expertise on optimizing yield, labor, utilities and chemicals to reach required sanitation outcomes.
  • Customers who purchase labor management and sanitation solutions from Sanitation Labor Partners and Birko receive discounts for daytime and process chemicals.

Specialized Expertise:

  • HACCP and SSOP—Birko is an original member of the HACCP Alliance and all of its technical representatives are HACCP certified. Sanitation Labor Partners’ employees are extensively trained in meeting both HACCP and SSOP guidelines. Sanitation Labor Partners also works with its customers to establish detailed written programs to cover procedures and scheduling so that plants open on time and properly sanitized.
  • Quality Process Chemicals—Sanitation Labor Partners’ partnership with Birko ensures that processing plants are cleaned and sanitized with the best, safest chemicals available. Nearly all of Birko’s products are considered eco-friendly or eco-neutral and nearly all are derived from GRAS items. All butyl solvents have been eliminated from Birko’s formulas.
  • Equipment—Birko’s equipment is designed to help meat plants save both energy and water. Sanitation Labor Partners’ team is specially trained to protect equipment so that costly downtime and repairs are minimized.
  • Safety—Sanitation Labor Partners provides an aggressive safety training program for its employees. The program is continually reviewed by an in-house safety director to meet or exceed OSHA standards as well as state regulations.

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