Neutral Cleaners

Birko’s family of general-purpose cleaning formulations includes several with mild and low alkalinity. Some of these neutral cleaners are foaming, while others are non foaming.

Product Name/
Description Liquid/
Environmentally Preferred
A foam-generating additive for use with both alkaline and acid cleaners. This is the high-foaming surfactant, dispersant, chelant component of Birko’s on-site chemical blending system, BOSS™. Contains and alkaline indicator. Compatible with chlorinated cleaning products. L  
A pH neutral mixture of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients designed for spray-on/wipe-off cleaning applications. Great for cleaning glass, chrome, mirrors and countertops, as well as carpet pre-spotting and cleaning. Used for linoleum and tiled floors for wet or sponge mopping. L
Liquik® 10
A combination of mild alkalinity, surface-active agents and solvents. Provides a safe and effective blend for general-purpose cleaning. The synergy between the soap and solvent components provide powerful stripping for burned-on grease without high alkaline levels. Acceptable for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants as a general cleaning agent on all surfaces. Used in steam and mechanical cleaning equipment. L
Liquik® 20
A high-foaming, low alkaline detergent with solvents for maximum cleaning efficiency. Worker safe. Recommended for use in sanitation programs and as a truck and trailer wash. Acceptable in federally inspected facilities as a general-purpose cleaner for use on all surfaces. L
Liquik® 5
A mild, general-purpose cleaner with low alkalinity, surfactants and rinse aids. The combination of ingredients makes it a powerful cleaner for smoke residues, light animal fats and oils, and surface soils. Safe for use as a hand scrubbing cleaner even in concentrated form. Suitable for use on galvanized and soft metals including aluminum and copper. Rinse with potable water after use. L
Liquik 2® Nu Blu
A self-foaming, powerful yet mild, general-purpose cleaner. Effectively loosens and removes soils. Safe for use on most equipment including aluminum and galvanized, floors, walls, rubber and neoprene (boots, tires, aprons, etc.) and plastics. In addition to uses in food processing areas it is ideal for personal equipment, locker rooms and as a janitorial cleaner. Also used in hide washing raceways. L
Neutra Foam C
A mild, pH neutral general-purpose cleaner containing no caustic compounds. Safe for use on all metal surfaces including aluminum. Suitable as a hand-scrubbing cleaner. Its foaming capability makes it a useful addition to acidic and basic cleaners for delivery through foaming equipment. For use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants on all equipment with a potable water rinse. Designed as a foaming additive for use in the BOSS™ on-site blending equipment. L  
Neutra Foam
A safe, chemically-neutral mixture for use alone or as a foam generator in most acid and alkaline cleaners. Harmless to all metal and tiled surfaces, even undiluted. This general purpose cleaner cuts most types of soils and can be used in federally inspected meat and poultry plants on all surfaces in all departments when followed by a potable water rinse. L
Neutra Sol
A potent combination of surface-active agents, plus non-toxic solvents, in a self-foaming product. Used to remove fats and soils from porous and non-porous surfaces. Safe to use in its most concentrated form and may be diluted to 1% with potable water for foam application. Acceptable in federally inspected meat and poultry plants for use a general-purpose cleaning agent for all surfaces in all departments. Neutra Sol™ is a neutral product. L
A moderate foaming, low-alkaline detergent with solvents for maximum cleaning efficiency. This formulation is worker safe and recommended for sanitation programs. A general-purpose cleaner that can be used as a truck and trailer wash. L
A non-foaming detergent component of Birko’s unique, multi-product BOSS™ cleaning system. Perfect for CIP and batch applications requiring low foam and a variety of other applications. Works in conjunction with Mare™, Chameleon™, Degrezer™, Kik Acid™, Ultra Niter™ and 10-Chlor™, among others. L