Acid Cleaners

Birko offers a full range of acid cleaners in all strengths and for use on porous and non-porous surfaces. Our acid cleaners effectively remove a variety of proteins, minerals and soil.

Product Name/ Number Description Liquid/ Powder Environmentally Preferred
Ac Tec 100
A heavy duty cleaner containing hydrochloric acid, metal corrosion inhibitors and surfactants for removing blood protein, water scale and carbonaceous soils from floors, walls and stainless steel. Follow use with a potable water rinse. L
Acid Brite #1
An effective, mild organic acid cleaner for removing metal oxides, scale and other soils from porous and non-porous surfaces. Safe for hand scrubbing. Can be used in sprayers and foamers. L
Acid Brite #2
An effective, acid cleaner designed especially to enhance the mineralization scale removal in plants that use hard water. Removes protein, beerstone, milkstone, simple scale and other soils. Conditions stainless steel. Used safely for CIP (Clean In Place). L
A self-foaming, general purpose, acid/anionic surfactant cleaner. Helps remove and prevent scaling problems when used as a final rinse. Used for tanks, vats, lines, tubs, kegs and floors. Can be used with foamers and sprayers. L
Bi Tec® 99AC
A multi-functional acid mixture that contains a gel to hold it in place while the chemical cleans the metal surface. Use on equipment, walls and floors to remove protein, scale and rust. “Inhibited” to minimize corrosion on a variety of metal surfaces. Rinse with potable water. L
A powerful, effective, inhibited acid cleaner designed to enhance mineralization removal in plants using hard water. Many alkaline products promote the formation of hardness salts and soaps. Safe on aluminum and most other plant metals when diluted according to instructions. L
Kik Acid
The versatile acid component in Birko’s multi-product cleaning system dispensed by BOSS™ dispensing system for scale removal, brightening and passivating metal and for protein decomposition. Works in conjunction with Chamelion™, Degrezer™ and X-Puma™. L
Miri Cal
A combination of organic and inorganic acids, plus a surface-active agent, for effective and fast-acting removal of protein, scale and salts from metal and tiled surfaces. Applied by foaming, hand scrubbing or circulated through CIP (boil-out) systems. P
Red Acid Brite
An effective acid and detergent blend cleaner designed especially to enhance the mineralization (salts) removal in plants that use hard water. Used safely in equipment or in CIP systems to remove protein, beerstone, milkstone, simple scale and other soils. Conditions stainless steel. L
A liquid mixture with phosphoric acid, detergents and metal corrosion inhibitors for use in all departments. Excellent for removing protein, hard water scale and other salt contaminants. L
A phosphoric acid cleaner containing corrosion inhibitors, surfactants and rinse aids to neutralize soaps, remove hard water scale and rust. Imparts a shine to CIP and other stainless steel equipment. Use alone, diluted with water or with a foam generator. Acceptable in federally inspected meat and poultry plants as an acid cleaner for use in all departments. L
Ultra Niter
A non-foaming blend of water, nitric acid, phosphoric acid and a surfactant for increased wetting and soil dispersion. Must be rinsed with potable water after use. L