HB2 Bromine Precursor – A New Antimicrobial Intervention

With the ongoing quest for effective antimicrobial interventions, processors would do well to consider hypobromous acid...

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Birko has over 400 specialty chemical SKUs for food and beverage processors including a full line of environmentally responsible products. We sell industrial strength formulations for cleaning-in-place (CIP), sanitizing and interventions. Birko’s product support includes customized, blend-on-site chemical dispensing and controls. All of Birko’s technical representatives are HACCP Alliance certified.

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New Products

HB2—Food Grade Antimicrobial

HB2 is a stabilized hypobromous acid precursor from Enviro Tech Chemical Services, and distributed by Birko. This economical and effective antimicrobial intervention is now available for use in USDA-inspected meat plants. HB2 has been approved by the FSIS as an antimicrobial processing aid on red meat and poultry, and is included in FSIS Directive 7120.1 SAFE AND SUITABLE INGREDIENTS USED IN THE PRODUCTION OF MEAT, POULTRY, AND EGG PRODUCE.

XLERATOR®—Improved Hide Curing Additive

XLERATOR® is a 100% active compound for improving cure rate by maximizing salt absorption in the allotted curing time. It improves brine uptake and deodorizes brine, leaving a clean smell. As an added benefit, XLERATOR® acts as a hide conditioner and extends the storage life of cured hides.

Rend-R-Aid™—Effectively Adjusts pH of Fat Emulsions

Rend-R-Aid™ is a high-purity acid that provides an inexpensive and relatively safe means to adjust the pH of fat emulsions prior to centrifuging. It was designed especially to enhance the separation of water and fats/oils and provides a low-cost alternative to various other acids commonly used as splitting agents.

Birkoside™—PAA-based Antimicrobial Intervention

With Birkoside™, peracetic acid (PAA) interrupts E. coli 0157:H7 to help meat processors comply with FSIS Notice 05-09, issued Jan. 7, 2009. Birkoside™ is fast acting with no residual and provides a very favorable cost per application compared to other antimicrobial interventions. It’s designed for direct application to carcasses, cuts and trim. Birkoside™ is a sustainability-friendly product, demonstrating a strong speed-to-kill advantage over many other interventions and is recommended for use on product going to immediate further processing.

Beefxide®—Patented Food Grade, Organic Acid Blend Antimicrobial

Beefxide® is a highly effective, low-cost spray-on antimicrobial processing aid approved by the USDA for use on beef carcasses, primals, cuts and trims. It is formulated from FDA-approved ingredients and all components of the formula are generally recognized as safe (GRAS). When compared to ordinary lactic acid, Beefxide® is comparable in log reduction kill of pathogenic bacteria and is lower in application cost due to a lower mix ratio requirement. In testing by Texas Tech University, Beefxide® significantly reduced both E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella and showed broad spectrum reductions in both enteric and aerobic bacteria. Beefxide® provides longer lasting protection than peracetic acid (PAA) throughout the processing procedure.

Food Grade Product Categories

Meat Processing:

HB2 Food Grade Antimicrobial, available through a master distributorship with Enviro Tech Chemical Services.

Lactic Acid and Lactate Antimicrobial Additives available from Birko:

  • Sodium Citrate
  • Diactolate (food grade citric acid)
  • Glacial Acetic Acid FG
  • Phosphoric Acid, 75% FG
  • Liquik® Bleach (34% Hydrogen Peroxide, FG)
  • Peracetic Acid (PAA), 15%


  • Propylene Glycol FG
  • Lactic Acid, 88% FG
  • Diactolate (food grade citric acid), used to activate Dioxy-Chlor