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Miles Murphy
Technical Sales Representative—PNW

Center for Produce Safety Research Symposium in Atlanta, GA

Recently I was given the opportunity to represent Birko at the 6th annual Center for Produce Safety Research Symposium…

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Protecting the Produce Supply Chain



Birko takes food safety seriously. Nothing is more important to us than making sure the produce supply chain is safe, secure and pathogen free. As a leader in providing environmentally safe chemical formulations and equipment solutions, Birko’s expertise is a breakthrough in food protection, providing safer produce more efficiently and economically.

Protect your produce. Protect your brand. Fight back with Birko!


Antimicrobials for Fruits and Vegetables

Birko carries a complete line of antimicrobials, sanitizers and biofilm remediation aids, including:

  • Environmentally safe chemical formulations — many listed on the USDA National Organic Program for use by organic processors.
  • Products that meet kosher guidelines
  • An entire range of products free of butyl solvents
  • Complete line of antimicrobial hand soaps and hand sanitizers

Our state-of-the-art equipment solutions include boot scrubbers and entryway foamers to stop cross contamination between processing areas. Birko’s antimicrobial spray systems automatically mix and apply solutions to produce, eliminating over- or undermixing and making chemical usage easy to track.

Birko is an original member of the International HACCP Alliance and well qualified to meet these guidelines for produce. Our entire team of technical representatives is HACCP trained, and we also have SQF practitioners on staff. Birko’s recent ISO 9001 certification helps us meet our customers’ food safety challenges even more effectively. We’re one of a limited number of companies that can support BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards as well as SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute) requirements.

In addition, Birko provides:

  • Complete in-plant assessments to review cleaning, sanitation and food safety programs
  • Assistance with employee training, chemical management, custom equipment procurement and implementation
  • Design and application of SSOPs, and HACCP and OSHA compliance
  • Custom chemical blending and CIP applications


Birko’s Veggiexide Stops Pathogens in Fruit and Vegetables

Veggiexide  is a patented antimicrobial intervention for fruit and vegetable processors that contains the same food-grade, generally recognized as safe (GRAS), organic acid blend as Birko’s interventions for red meat and poultry processors.


  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial for direct application to produce during processing
  • Reduces gram negative pathogens at first rinse; keeps them from traveling deeper into processing operation
  • Shipped as a concentrate; requires no special water conditioning for mixing


  • No perceived taste profile*
  • No label declaration required; considered a processing aid
  • All ingredients listed on the NOP (National Organic Program) list

*When used as directed

Verification of Natural Ingredients (PDF)