FDA-Approved Chemicals for Use in Federally Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants

June 17, 2011, Kelly Green, Owner and Chairman of the Board
Kelly Green Owner and Chairman of the Board

Several Birko customers have asked whether we carry FDA-approved chemicals for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

No, and neither does anyone else. With the advent of HACCP, the chemicals used in the plant are now the responsibility of the plant management. Command and control procedures are now replaced with performance standards. It becomes more important than ever to have an understanding of the guidelines for good chemical practice. You may rely on science-based documents to support the good manufacturing practice in your plant, or a letter of guarantee from your provider that specifies a product is appropriate for its purpose. Your provider must be an experienced company, like Birko, with the science and documentation to back that up.

You may continue with products in place or approved on the online NSF White Book™ Listing of proprietary substances and nonfood compounds. That strategy has a “grandfathering” safety net. Innovations in chemistry will not be available to those relying on the grandfathered products.

 Refer to 9 CFR Parts 416.1 through 416.17 for new rules on sanitation.

FSIS Directive 11,000.1 applies, and supercedes many prior regulations.

When selecting a chemical products supplier, keep in mind that Birko’s experience in food safety dates to 1953, pre-dating the implementation of USDA inspection. We maintain a nationwide complement of technical representatives, all HACCP certified, to help you with your chemical process implementations.

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#4927 | May 7th, 2014 | Diana Jaramillo

Dear Kelly,
I appreciate your post and I am glad to find it since I was doing online research about regulations regarding chemicals used in food plants (meat and poultry). I am consulting a company that had developed a new product, it is not a cleaning chemical, nor a sanitizer. It is used as a biofilm (bacteria) detection kit. I was wondering if this product with some chemicals such as surfactants need to be FDA-approved. FSIS regulation just says that documentation substantiating the safety of a chemical’s use in a food processing environment must be available. But this kept me wondering which type of documentation is valid. I would greatly appreciate it if you can give me some advice or light about this. Thank though for posting this info on Birko webpage.

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