Media Coverage

Reductions in Natural Microbial Flora, Nonpathogenic Escherichia coli, and Pathogenic Salmonella on Jalapeno Peppers Processed in a Commercia Antimicrobial Cabinet: A Pilot Plant Trial
Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 79, No. 11, 2016, Pages 1854-1859
Used with permission of the Journal of Food Protection

Sanitizing the Surface
Meat + Poultry, Dec. 2016
Used with permission of Meat + Poultry magazine

Dr. Elis Owens Discusses Sanitation 101 on AME Food Testing Show
Aug. 12, 2014, AME Food Testing Show


Birko’s Dana Johnson Speaks at Bier Tek San Diego

July 24, 2014, Modern Brewery Age

Dana Johnson, our brewery specialist, spoke recently on Birko’s patented method of cleaning used beer kegs.

Birko Taps Potential of Social Media for Produce Marketing

July 1, 2014, Growing Produce Magazine

Produce Specialist Ian Bessell talks about the ways Birko uses social media to reach the produce markets.

Dr. Elis Owens Discusses Listeria on AME Food Testing Show

April 22, 2014, AME Food Testing Show

Dr. Owens discusses “Guidance on Environmental Monitoring and Control of Listeria” 

Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Sanitation Tips from Dr. Elis Owens

April 2014, Meat & Poultry

Birko has “green” chemistry for use in sanitizing processing facilities. Dr. Elis Owens provides suggestions.

CSU Alums Kelly Green and Mark Swanson Profiled

Feb. 11, 2014, CSU Outcomes

Birko has strong ties to Colorado State University. Read this profile of owner/chairman Kelly Green and CEO Mark Swanson.

Birko Profiled in Manufacturing Magazine

Jan. 15, 2014, Company Week

Birko’s Colorado-based manufacturing was highlighted in this article. Company Week bills itself as “The Voice of the Rocky Mountain Manufacturing Economy.”

Philip Snellen Shares Impressions of PMA Fresh Summit

Nov. 1, 2013, The Packer
Philip caught the ear of The Packer at the recent Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit. Read what he said about the show.

Mark Swanson and Kelly Green Interviewed for Top Company Award

Oct. 29, 2013, ColoradoBiz
Watch the interview to learn more about Birko’s recent recognition as Top Company in the manufacturing field.

Birko’s Beefxide Approved for Use on Unskinned Livers

Sept. 20, 2013, Food Quality
Birko’s processing aid has received additioal approval from the USDA.

Birko’s Brewery Wastewater Treatments Lauded

Sept. 6, 2013, Craft Brewing Business
Breweries face unique challenges with their wastewater. Birko’s expertise with several wastewater categories is noted in this article.

Birko and Chad Equipment Useful as Strategic E. coli Interventions

July 15, 2013, Meatingplace Magazine
Birko and Chad have noticed a significant uptick in the number of independent further processors and grinders who are implementing an intervention step in their process.

Birko, Crunch Pak Profiled as Clean Partners

June 2013, Fresh Cut Magazine
Birko’s partnership with fresh cut producer Crunch Pak is featured in this article.

Kelly Green featured on United Fresh TV

May 17, 2013, United Fresh TV
Kelly Green explains how Birko’s chemistry and equipment can help produce processors meet food safety standards.

Birko, Crunch Pak partner for food safety

March 20, 2013, Fresh Cut Magazine
Birko’s partnership with Crunch Pak has drawn attention from Fresh Cut, a leading produce industry magazine.

Birko profiled in Food Safety News 

November 28, 2012, Food Safety News
This feature on Birko also summarized remarks made by NAMA’s Barry Carpenter at Birko’s 60th anniversary gala.

Kelly Green and Mark Swanson interviewed on w3w3 Media Network

October 15, 2012, w3w3 Media Network
As part of Birko’s recognition as a member of the Colorado Companies to Watch class of 2012, CEO Mark Swanson and Owner/Chairman Kelly Green were recently interviewed on

 ColoradoBiz Top Company Finalists Revealed!

August 6, 2012, ColoradoBiz Magazine
Birko is a finalist in the manufacturing category for the Top Company Award.

Colorado Companies to Watch: Birko

August 1, 2012, ColoradoBiz TV
Birko owner Kelly Green and CEO Mark Swanson talk about what made Birko a 2012 Colorado Company to Watch.

A Clean Sweep

July 2012, Food Manufacturing Magazine
Clean-in-place (CIP) makes equipment sanitizing easier and safer. Birko’s Dana Johnson, our produce and brewery specialist, discusses how a food company’s size impacts the CIP method used in the facility.

Antimicrobial processing aids given study backing

June 20, 2012,
Beefxide and Porkxide were recently validated by an independent university study. Dr. Elis Owens gives more information in this article.

Colorado Companies to Watch Spotlight on Birko

June 15, 2012, ColoradoBiz Magazine
Birko is one of 50 companies to be included on the 2012 Colorado Companies to Watch list. This snapshot provides a glimpse of the company’s leadership in technology and chemistry.

Cleaning Up

April 29, 2012, BioFuels International
With ethanol production expected to hit 15.2 billion gallons in 2012, biofuel producers today are looking for the most efficient and cost effective plant cleaning solutions. Elis Owens describes several Birko products that are effective for enhanced cleaning in the ethanol sector.

Keeping Chemical Washdowns Safe

April 26, 2012, Food Manufacturing
Compliance with food sector governing bodies drives the need for signs and labels at chemical washdown sites. But there are more to signs and labels than meets the eye. Dana Johnson, Birko’s brewery and produce specialist, comments on the labels we provide to keep chemicals safe.

Be Cautious with Chemicals

April 2012, Meat & Poultry
Birko offers safety training to meat and poultry facilities, including these guidelines from the April “Sanitation Tips” section in Meat & Poultry magazine.

Antimicrobial Processing Aid

February 2012, Meat & Poultry
Recent research has demonstrated that lactic acid-based antimicrobials, such as Birko’s Beefxide, are effective in reducing non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) in beef trimmings.

NMA Remembers Florence Smith Powers

Feb 10, 2012, Lean Trimmings
Along with her first husband, Ward Harris Smith, Florence co-founded NMA member Birko in 1953 in their Ogden, Utah, garage.

Wash additive fights Listeria on cantaloupe rinds

Jan 30, 2012, The Packer
Fresh produce processors have an option to help reduce pathogens on cantaloupe rinds in Birko Corp.’s peroxyacetic acid formulation Birkoside MP-2.

Keeping It All in the Family

Dec 2011, The Difference
Colorado State University MBA graduate Kelly Green is profiled in this alumni publication.

Profile: Kelly Heffer Green

Dec 2011, CU Coloradan
Birko Chairman and third generation owner Kelly Green is profiled as an alumnus of the University of Colorado.

In-Plant Automation: Where’s the Beef?

Nov 9, 2011, Meat & Poultry
The marriage of Birko and Chad has the potential to bring about improved food safety in the beef world.

California Cantaloupes Hope to Bank on Safety

Oct 20, 2011, Food Safety News
Produce Specialist Dana Johnson comments on the origin of the listeria outbreak

Birko’s Help for Listeria Outbreak

Oct 19, 2011, CBS Denver Ch. 4
Birko Produce Specialist Dana Johnson shared proactive steps to keep fruits and vegetables safe.

Top Company Finalists

Oct. 17, 2011, ColoradoBiz Magazine
Colorado’s Most Competitive Business Award Isn’t Getting Any Easier

Birko Launches New Corporate Website

Aug 26, 2011, National Provisioner
Introduces The Birko Advantage Integrated Food Safety Solution

Birko Acquires Chad Co.

Aug 10, 2011, Meatingplace
Food safety solutions provider Birko has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Chad Co.

Olathe-based Chad Co. Bought by Denver Company

Aug 4, 2011, Kansas City Star
Chad Co., an Olathe-based manufacturer of washing and pasteurizing systems for the meat processing industry, has been acquired by Birko of Denver

Birko Acquires Chad Co.

Aug 3, 2011, Meat & Poultry
Birko has acquired Chad Co., an Olathe, Kan.-based manufacturer of automated washing cabinets for and pasteurizing systems for meat processing operations

Protein’s Role in Fighting World Hunger

Jun 2011, Lean Trimmings Prime
Birko owner/chairman Kelly Green discusses several options that can give the poor and hungry better access to protein