Birko Introduces Improved Material Safety Data Sheets

May 16, 2012

HENDERSON, Colo. – Birko, a leader in providing food safety solutions to the protein processing, food and beverage industries, today announced it has updated its Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to meet the UN’s and OSHA’s Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

“These updated MSDS are a reliable source of information on chemicals from a global perspective,” said Ramsey Johnson, a research and development lab technician with Birko. “Under the GHS guidelines, they include details on health and environmental hazards of chemicals and also create a categorization system for toxicity and environmental impact.”

For example, “Birko’s chemicals are not toxic and fall in the 4-5 acute toxicity range,” Johnson said. Substances and mixtures are assigned to categories 1-5 based on LD50 (oral, dermal) or LC50 (inhalation). Category ranges are also given for other health hazards, such as skin corrosion, eye effects, mutagens, carcinogens, target organ systemic toxicity (TOST), and aspiration. Environmental impact also falls under a category system. Acute 1-3 and Chronic 1-4 Aquatic Toxicity categories are based on LC50 (fish), EC50 (crustacean), or ErC50 (for algae or other aquatic plants).

The new SDS have 16 sections, including recommended use, transportation information, the percentage composition of hazardous ingredients, and a list of appropriate PPE material types. These 16 sections are outlined specifically to create consistency among SDS.

Birko has completed revising its MSDS ahead of OSHA’s 2016 deadline. OSHA also mandates training for the changes in the SDS by Dec. 1, 2013.

About Birko
Birko is a leading provider of food safety solutions to the protein processing, food and beverage industries. The company’s combination of concentrated chemical formulations, state-of-the-art equipment and custom IT solutions are part of The Birko Advantage, a revolution in food safety. The Birko Advantage delivers world class processing solutions for a more efficient, economical and safer food plant operation. Founded in 1953, Birko is a WBENC Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and was awarded Supplier of the Century by the National Meat Association.