Birko’s Rend-R-Aid™ Effectively Adjusts pH of Fat Emulsions

June 27, 2011

Cost-Effective Alternative to Phosphoric, Glacial Acetic, or Lactic Acids

HENDERSON, Colo. – Rendering plants looking for cost-effective alternatives to phosphoric, glacial acetic, or lactic acids to aid in tallow splitting may want to consider Birko’s Rend-R-Aid, a sulfuric acid based treatment.

Rend-R-Aid™ is a high-purity acid that provides an inexpensive and relatively safe means to adjust the pH of fat emulsions prior to centrifuging. It was designed especially to enhance the separation of water and fats/oils and provides a low-cost alternative to various other acids commonly used as splitting agents.

“Switching to Rend-R-Aid™ from lactic acid can potentially save rendering plants thousands of dollars a year on tallow splitting costs,” said Mark Swanson, Birko’s chief executive officer.

Rend-R-Aid™ is available as a liquid from Birko. Recommended starting usage is one gallon per 10,000 pounds of emulsion, or the minimum amount needed to attain an efficient separation. Because Rend-R-Aid™ is highly corrosive to all metal surfaces, it should be metered directly into the tallow/grease. Birko also recommends that all transfer lines, metering pumps, tanks and other equipment used to dispense Rend-R-Aid™ be constructed of plastic or other suitable material.