Research Confirms Effectiveness of Beefxide® on Beef Trim Before Grinding

In research conducted jointly by Birko, Stone Meats, Ogden, Utah, and Utah State University, Logan, Utah, Beefxide® was applied to beef trim before grinding. Beefxide® was found to be highly effective as an antimicrobial on ground beef produced from treated trim and did not negatively affect color or flavor. After 10 days storage, consumer panel evaluation showed that flavor and overall acceptability was higher for Beefxide®-treated ground beef patties.

“As a next generation antimicrobial, Beefxide® takes the industry a step beyond the lactic acid that is widely used today,” said Elis Owens, Ph.D., senior chemist/microbiologist for Birko. “It offers similar antimicrobial efficacy to lactic acid at a lower use concentration and therefore provides a cost saving.”


Beefxide® (Bx) is a blend of lactic and citric acids developed as an intervention treatment on beef trim, to reduce microbial load. Our objective was to determine the effect of Beefxide® treatment and retail storage time on ground beef properties and consumer acceptability compared to controls. Control and Bx-treated ground beef samples (85:15 lean/fat ratio; 680 g/loaf) were placed in Styrofoam trays, wrapped in oxygen-permeable PVC film. Loaves (3/bag) were stored at 1.1 °C for 0 – 14 days in a high oxygen masterbag (80% O2, 20% CO2). Masterbag CO2 and O2 concentrations, meat color, TBA values, aerobic plate count, E. coli and coliform counts were measured on days 0, 3, 5, 8, 11, and 14. The experiment was replicated 3 times (3 separate 14-day trials). Cooked patty sensory acceptability (>120 panelists/session) was evaluated on storage days 0, 5, and 10 of trial 2. Bx-treatment of beef trim resulted in ground beef loaves that were significantly darker (pooled mean L* 42.08 for Bx; 43.27 for controls) and less brown (b* 17.38 and 17.95 for Bx and controls, respectively). TBA value was also lower (P<0.05) in Bx-treated samples (1.17) than controls (1.37). Bx-treated loaves had an overall reduction in APC by 0.5 log, and on storage days 8 and 11 had 0.75 and 0.56 log reduction of APC, compared to control samples. E. coli and coliform counts were also reduced (P<0.05) by Bx-treatment. Consumer panel evaluation revealed that after 10 days storage, flavor and overall acceptability was higher (P<0.05) for Bx-treated ground beef patties than controls, with mean overall acceptability scores of 6.3 and 5.7 respectively, where 6.0 = like slightly. Application of Bx to beef trim pre-grind resulted in a reduced bacterial load on the meat, and lower deterioration of flavor and color at longer storage times

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