What Our Customers Are Saying About Birko’s Further Processing Products and Services

Further processors face concerns about cross contamination and bacteria transfer. That’s where Birko and Chad Equipment, LLC, a Birko company, come in. Together, they provide world-class multihurdle food protection for further processors. Through a powerful combination of chemistry and equipment, Birko and Chad deliver a proven way for further processors to improve product safety and quality, extend shelf life and achieve a marketable competitive advantage.

Birchwood Foods for Birko

Stone Meat

Stone Meats

“Birko helped us design, build and implement an outstanding intervention program for our grinding facility based on the Chad Conveyorized Antimicrobial Spray System and Birko’s Beefxide®. Knowing that we are doing everything we can to protect the food chain definitely helps us sleep better at night. Thanks, Birko!”

Burke Stone, Owner
Stone Meats, Ogden, Utah

GoodHeart Brand Specialty Foods

“Birko’s technical rep taught us some great practices around dating and covering equipment that was not in use, and dating plastic that we had to hang due to an issue. His leadership was instrumental in us having a successful audit. We look forward to working with Birko as we continue our CI initiatives.”

Tom Christensen, Plant Manager
GoodHeart Brand Specialty Foods, San Antonio, Texas