Liquik® Trolley System

Properly cleaned hooks mean no lost product. Birko’s Liquik® Trolley System, derived from our UltraClean™ Systems line of Liquik® Dispensing Systems, automatically checks and adjusts Birko’s proven two-part chemistry used in trolley dip tanks. The system provides the convenience of electronic monitoring, durability, operator safety and precise chemical control to make sure this important meat plant operating system is always up to spec.

PLC-Based System Provides Simple Operation

The Liquik® Trolley System utilizes a series of components, starting with an electronic control box mounted in an area that is easily accessible to the operator. This lockable box houses the push-button activators, operating lights, PLC (programmable logic control) and a monitoring module. The monitoring module is linked to a sensing probe mounted in the trolley strip tank that constantly reads the chemical concentration. When the system is operational and a low-concentration signal is received from the probe, the pumps are energized to replenish the needed chemical(s). The pumping unit, mounted in a convenient and secure area approximately 10 to 15 feet from the chemical storage containers, has two air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps, chosen for their specific chemical compatibility, durability, accuracy and ease of service. The trolley tanks are continuously replenished as needed during working hours. The PLC switches the system off on weekends and during non-work hours. Simple air and electrical hookups are required.

Birko UltraClean™ Systems are delivered and installed by the Birko installation team. Along with the initial installation and calibration, Birko will also provide chemical use analysis and recommendations to cover your specific plant cleaning and sanitation issues. In-plant maintenance and regular replacement of wearable parts are included in our ongoing commitment to the success of your operation.

Ask about Birko’s Trolleze™, food grade lubricant for your trolley hooks.