Komax Inline Steam Heaters

A plentiful supply of water at a precise set-point is a necessary requirement in all food plants. Cleaning and sanitation shifts require a high water temperature to meet HACCP compliance requirements. Jacketed cookers and other heat exchange equipment may require even higher water temperatures or pure steam for operation.

Breakthrough in Water Heating and Mixing

For plants with water temperature and steam supply problems, Birko recommends the Komax Inline Steam Heater. Coupled with an Emech Actuator, the system is durable and functional and your temperature set point is accurately maintained.

Komax Direct Injector Steam Heaters are a breakthrough in water heating and mixing technology, providing high energy efficiency with no maintenance cost.

Compact, inline flanged steam heaters are the same diameter as the incoming cold water feed line. They provide an unlimited supply of hot water—instantly.

Komax Steam Heaters

From left to right: Inline unit showing the radial chambers that efficiently mix steam and water; Komax Inline Steam Injection Heater equipped with an Emech actuator for precise temperature control

Komax Inline Steam Heaters are:

  • 99% to 100% efficient
  • 20% to 30% more energy efficient than other heat exchange systems
  • Dramatically reduces noise and scaling?
  • Low capital investment
  • No moving parts means no maintenance costs??


Steam and cold water are instantly blended by Komax’s unique internal static mixer design. Thorough mixing and uniform temperature are achieved using six radially chambered static mixing elements that produce and mix very fine steam bubbles into the water stream. With a single modulating steam control valve the Komax direct steam heater provides better then a 10:1 turndown capability. Very precise temperature control is possible when coupled with an Emech temperature control actuator also available from Birko. Komax inline steam heaters are easily and conveniently installed in lines from 2 inches to 24 inches in diameter and in sizes from 30 gpm to 10,000 gpm. Additional information can be found on the Komax website.

View and download an application brief in pdf format discussing a Komax/Emech application.

Komax Diagram

For assistance specifying the correct Komax Inline Heater for your plant, please contact your Birko Technical Representative.